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Winning design #663 by typischton, Logo Design for Kryomaster : Dry Ice Blasting Machines Contest
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designed by typischton

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We are looking for a logo design for a Dry Ice Blasting Machine The name of the machine is: Kryomaster -This machine was developed by a company named: Kryokinetic- What is Dry Ice Blasting? Dry ice blasting is similar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned or prepared. But that's where the similarity ends. Instead of using hard abrasive media to grind on a surface (and damage it), dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice, accelerated at supersonic speeds, and creates mini-explosions on the surface to lift the undesirable item off the underlying substrate. If you want to read all the technical details, see the How CO2 Blasting Works page. Dry ice blasting has many unique and superior benefits over traditional blasting media. Dry ice blasting: •is a non-abrasive, nonflammable and nonconductive cleaning method •is environmentally-friendly and contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit media •is clean and approved for use in the food industry •allows most items to be cleaned in place without time-consuming disassembly •can be used without damaging active electrical or mechanical parts or creating fire hazards •can be used to remove production residues, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and biofilms •can be as gentle as dusting smoke damage from books or as aggressive as removing weld slag from tooling •can be used for many general cleaning applications Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to accelerate frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) "dry ice" pellets to a high velocity. A compressed air supply of 80 PSI/50 scfm can be used in this process. Dry ice pellets can be made on-site or supplied. Pellets are made from food grade carbon dioxide that has been specifically approved by the FDA, the EPA and the USDA. Carbon dioxide is a non-poisonous, liquefied gas, which is both inexpensive and easily stored at work sites. Dry Ice Blasting is Clean and Safe •Dry ice is an approved medium by the EPA, USDA & FDA, and is non-toxic, non-hazardous and inhibits mold & bacteria growth •Dry ice blasting has been effectively used in EPA, USDA, FDA, AIB and GFSI inspected/certified facilities •Dry ice blasting is safe to use with food processing equipment •Dry ice blasting does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere •Dry ice blasting does not generate secondary waste •Dry ice blasting is safe and non-toxic (once particles impact the surface they dissipate into the atmosphere) •Dry ice blasting reduces or eliminates employee exposure to (and corporate liability from) the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents Other cleaning methods can be toxic •Sand, soda, or water blasting can leave toxic secondary waste to be cleaned up in addition to the toxic substrate •Sand, soda, or water blasting can create downstream contamination that effects surrounding installations •Soda blasting can kill surrounding vegetation •Chemical and solvent cleaning methods are toxic, which creates toxic waste to be disposed of •Workers are exposed to potentially harmful substances through the use of chemicals and solvents Completely Environmentally Friendly In addition to being clean and safe, it is also important to remember that dry ice is obtained as a byproduct of other industrial processes - i.e. it is made from reclaimed CO2. It does not produce CO2 or add CO2 to the atmosphere and therefore does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Dry ice blasting is truly, and completely, environmentally friendly! What is Dry Ice? and How is it made High-density dry ice products are optimized for all industrial and commercial applications including food freezing and shipment, metal fitting, dry ice blasting, and many other uses. CO2 is a natural medium, which serves many life sustaining purposes. It is a key element involved in the carbon cycle; it is the only source of carbon for the carbohydrates produced by agriculture; it stimulates plant growth; and it helps to moderate the overall temperature of the earth. Animal respiration is believed to add 28 million tons of carbon dioxide per day into the atmosphere. By contrast, the U.S. CO2 industry can supply only 25,000 tons per day and 95% of this amount is from by-product sources, or less than 0.04% of the other sources combined. With a low temperature of -78° C, dry ice solid has an inherent thermal energy ready to be tapped. At atmospheric pressure, solid CO2 sublimates directly to vapor without a liquid phase. This unique property means that the dry ice blast medium simply disappears, leaving only the original contaminant to be disposed of. In addition, cleaning in water sensitive areas (e.g. in the vicinity of electrical cabinets) is now practical. The grade of carbon dioxide used in blasting is the same as that used in the food and beverage industry and has been specifically approved by the FDA, the EPA and the USDA. Carbon dioxide is a non-poisonous, liquefied gas that is both inexpensive and easily stored at work sites. Of equal importance, it is nonconductive and non-flammable. CO2 is a natural by-product of several industrial manufacturing processes such as fermentation and petrochemical refining. The CO2 given off by the above production processes is captured and stored without losses until needed. When the CO2 is returned to the atmosphere during the blasting process, no new CO2 is produced. Instead, only the original CO2 by-product is released.

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  • The penguin is used by a company that it is our competitor. We cannot use it as a logo. May be another artic animal? Regrads, FG
  • ok, thank you Fegra, I'll think of something else.
  • The penguin looks very nice. However; there is a company that is our competitor that uses it as a logo. So we may need to use another idea. maybe a mammoth? Regards, FG
  • Hello Fegra, I designed #5 for you. It's a simple and clean design. I think it fits perfectly to your product, it makes a clean and compact effect. It doesn't have any sharp edges or cracks in it just like your product is save and does not make any cracks or something like this to the object that's cleaned. The gloss shows the cleanness and gives the text an ice-effect which perfectly represents the super effective process with the special ice. what do you think about it? Are there any things you would want to change? Thanks, sincerely EnjoyYourDay
  • Hello Fegra, Do you like illustrated logos #3 and #4
  • Kryomaster is the only word that que should use for the logo. Regards.
  • Yo can see a picture of a Dry Ice blasting machine at the following URL: The machine has a Logo. We want to use our logo as in the machine in the picture. Best regards. FG
  • Hello Fegra, Can I have the image of the machine. It will be easy for me to understand and move ahead. Thanking you, Srujan553
  • Hi Fegra, Please find my entries #34 , #35 , #36. Any feedback greatly appreciated Regards SJK
  • Hello please do not use shadows for the logo. Greetings.
  • Hello please do not use drop shadow for the logo. Greetings.
  • Hello Fegra, I changed the typography so it matches the strength of the mammoth. Hope you like this better :)
  • Very nice Polar Bear. We like it. However we cannot use it since one of our competitors is using it as logo. Regards.
  • Very nice penguin. However we cannot use it since one of our competitors is using it as logo. Regards.
  • We like the creative use of the letter O in the word kryomaster to create our logo. Also it may look like the recycling sign. Our machine uses recycled CO2. The use of the recycling sign may be a good idea. However; We use dry ice instead of regular Ice. we cannot use the image of the regular ice cristals. Regards.
  • We like the idea of the mammoth because shows strenght and implies very cold temperatures. However; we think the mammoth looks very paceful. When we think in a mammoth we think in a very powerful animal. Greetings.
  • We like the idea of the mammoth because shows strenght and implies very cold temperatures. However; we do no like the tipography very much. Regards.
  • The idea of the polar bear through the O letter like us! However; we cannot use the polar bear, as one of our competitors use it as a logo. Regards.
  • Hello, dear Tonisho the background of the logo must be white. And we believe that the logo must have more strengh. The animal you chose looks very paceful. Regards.
  • We cannot use a polar bear as a logo because one of our competitors is using it. Regards.