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Winning design #46 by quelita, Logo Design for Kung FU Cantina Contest
Gold Medal

designed by quelita

Project description

This contest is for a logo for a new Asian fusion taco place. We have had several ideas that we like but are looking for some fresh ideas. I have attached a drawing of a logo we like the feel of but we also have considered doing something with a bonzai tree. Any other ideas are welcome as well. This is a place that will have food but also a significant " bar/ Hangout and have some drinks" aspect to it. Good luck!

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  • KFC-10

    Hi; while on standby for any new inputs, I've prepared this version with more vivid colors as inspired by food composition, should you like this option better. Also shown is a black & white variation as a sample menu cover preview.
  • What do you think? I drew the bonsai again, put colors on and distress a little bit the background. I hope you like it! #51
    (i recommend the "Full size view" for details)
    • About #51, @Leandrovallejos I love it! Although it might actually be a little too distessed now. Cantina is a little hard to read in this version

    • About #51, @SpringfieldgrouI wish I could change it, as I did the previous times, but now I am in an emergency and I'm out of my city until Tuesday. Sorry for the inconvenience. I would love to win this contest for the hours I spent with the logo. Good luck in choosing!

  • Thanks for the feedback! Please let me know what you think of these changes as well as the other revision that I made (#49). Best, Quelita #48
  • sdr
    be different;) #44
  • @Springfieldgrou Hi, have you reviewed my latest versions #31 and #32?
  • Nice! Can we try the kung fu with more red in it? #39
  • KFC-9

    2nd new version with an alternative framing. #32
  • KFC-8

    New version with an alternative framing and adjusted layout. #31
  • How about now? I improved on the details of the leaves and went back to using typography mentioned in the last comment. Greetings! #30
  • The comments I have received about this is that its very, very good. The "cantina" is great but the "kung fu" design from you entry #23 is better so combining the 2 would be nice. I've also had some people suggest you might want to try a couple of tweaks on the bonzai tree. Great job though You're in the top 2 so far! #24
    • About #24, @Springfieldgrou What kind of tweaks specifically? I'm working on to color a bonsai or use another in grays to give realism but do not know if you want that adaptation. Im open to suggest! Thanks for the good coments.

    • @Leandrovallejos I think just maybe a couple of different shapes. Nothing to drastic.

  • For this concept I used a subtle ying-yang in the background, chopped "kung fu" header and kung fun cactus. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes. Thanks for your consideration. Best, Quelita #25
  • Do you mind doing this with the cantina like it is in #22 but without the deisigns above it and move "cantina" up a little bit closer to the rest of the design? Thanks! #23
  • KFC-7

    A version of KFC-6 with a bonsai tree set on top of the text, as if sprouting out of the "g" of "Kung FU". What do you think? #21
  • KFC-6

    Another version with a more prominent bonsai tree and adapted arching element. #20
  • KFC-5

    An update with thicker letter boldening, bigger bonsai backdrop and a double arch accent to symbolize the Rising Sun of the Orient, just like the bottom ornament ties in with the mexican "CANTINA" lore. #19
  • liked the first font style a little better. the only problem i had with it was the thickness of the outline would make it hard to read from a distance. keep throwing things at me though. definitely the right path. just need to find the right font and design for "kung Fu" #18
    • About #18, @Springfieldgrou Well, I understand. The outlined out of the word for me is essential so that you can read better without mixing with background bonsai. You suggested to continue with that style but with different fonts or change everything directly? (sorry for my English, I hope you understand me)

  • maybe lose the swirly stuff at the top of the logo and put more emphasis on the bonzai? Still a big fan of this design!
    • About #5, @Springfieldgrou OK coming up, give me a few minutes.

  • can you decrease the white border on kung fu just a bit? and maybe try a couple of different fonts for it? Very close to what I was looking for! #17
  • I still like your first design best. I don't think there needs to be any text beyond Kung fu Cantina. Your first design was very, very good. I was hoping to see a few different fonts on the "kung Fu" but so far the first font is still my favorite #14
    • About #14, @Springfieldgrou Yes, all the other versions feature different "Kung FU" fonts, so if you prefer the first draft we can modify the original font, or try out other similar ones.
      Just let me know.

  • Like this? #17