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Winning design #482 by sajid2032, Logo Design for Kurki Decoration Oy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

We are an interior design company focusing on design paintings, acoustic panels and luxury mirrors. We're looking for a new logo for our company to be proud of !
Logo should consist words "Kurki" and "Decoration". Word Kurki could be dominating and Decoration smaller. Letters may be in capital or not. Word "kurki" in Finnish means a crane (a bird) so somekind of illustration of a crane might be used too.
We'd like our logo to have luxury feeling suitable for high-level interior design company.
Colouring could be black/white/silver/grey etc. to maxime style for this design.
Attached are few versions of our old logo's to give some idea our old/current profile for you to improve.
Don't let our old logos or our tight description limit your creativity.

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  • can you do black and white backround version #476
  • this is unique and minimalistic.
  • the design which is on top is generic and available on many contests.
  • k logo little bit down (up) look left one(the same interval) #473
    • @sami.kurki #476 k logo move to 2 step down (up), (left) move one step..

  • submitting #473 with small reduce in size of top logo so it fit with the size of bottom left side logo with text...
  • k logo should be as large as the letters (left) #465
    • @sami.kurki #466 submitting as per your instructions.....

  • k logo( left) same size with kurki decoration letters #465
  • I mean the K - box as high as the both letters #454
    • @sami.kurki submitting #465 i increase the distance between k logo to kurki in the same distance as kurki to decoration hope you likes that thanks....

  • no...both text kurki and decoration #455
  • if you can reduce the k logo the same size as the text ( I want to see....before the final decision ), please be patient you are the winner ! #454
    • @sami.kurki thanks....submitting new entry reducing the size of logo to the size of text...

  • you need to take into account both the kurki and decoration when centering #452
    • @sami.kurki check #454 expending the decoration word to center both kurki and decoration

  • is a right intermediate, but now you must to bring the text in the middle of k logo #452
    • @sami.kurki now check #453 all alignment are equal

  • is a right intermediate now :) #451
    • @sami.kurki sorry i am little weak in understanding English.. if you elaborate the changes you want i can do all the changes for you thanks

  • center the letters with Logo (left) #447
  • decoration on the same line as the lower edge of the logo #447
    • @sami.kurki can you please elaborate ..... "" decoration on the same line you means bottom left side logo ?????????

  • word Decoration a little bit more down from Kurki word......just little bit :) #445
    • @sami.kurki working........

    • @sami.kurki #447 move decoration a little bit more down from kurki work .............

  • white backround version please #443
  • increase the contrast, please #440
    • @sami.kurki submitting #443 increase in contrast

  • kurki and decoration letters(left one)a little bit closer to K logo #440
    • @sami.kurki submitting #443 putting kurki and decoration closer to k logo

  • more gray backround...more silver letters #440