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Winning design #59 by savina, Logo Design for Kweeky live klean Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savina

Project description

Circle Logo. Clean, natural, organic, pure.

It's for a non toxic, natural personal hygene sanitizing product.
Colors to use: white, blues, green.  maybe use bubbles, water to represent clean living. 

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  • Hi,
    We are gonna pick your logo as a winner. But before we end the contest, can we try something. Look at entry #71. You see how it says live clean outlined white. The words pop out. Can we try that with both or one. Can we play around with that. Thanks #59
    • About #59, @fuelorganics
      Thank you!
      I am on it, will submit something in 10-15mins

    • @fuelorganics Like these? #72, #73, #75, #76

  • Simple and clean !!
  • Tell me something about #63. Give me feedback
  • Hi, i sent you a few messages a few days ago and today but I think the system did not pass them through. I like the design but can we try a few things before ending the contest. Can you try to put live Klean in a bright green color. Also add a TM mark on top end of Kweeky. That's for the trademark. And we also wanted to change klean to clean. Thank you #40
    • About #40, @fuelorganics
      Sorry for the delay, but this is the first comment I receive.
      I am very glad you like my design. Here are the revisions #59, #60

  • Please give feedback on #51 and #52. Thanks :)
  • Every Thing Is My Orignal Work #53
  • please give me comment about my design. #50
  • Maybe add some bubbles and foam? If it look nice answer please. I will add some details ,if you want. #41
  • I did it really fast , tommorow i can make some changes , but what do u think about this one ? #32
  • what do u think about these ones? #31
  • About #30, @jaycobbb
    Hi. Can we try puting it in a circle and taking out the leaf. With green font in kweeky and blue in love klean. and all in lower case letters. Thanks
  • Kweeky live klean #19
  • Kweeky live klean #18
  • Kweeky live klean #17
  • DEAR CH, please check my design #9
  • Hello! I saw that you like small letters, but this font very easy for perception) what do you think? #5