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Winning design #31 by Jey, Logo Design for L.A NAILS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jey

Project description

It is a nail saloon with the mission to become the leader i northern europe. Our concept will be very close to L.A Ink (see L.A Ink or Miami Ink logo´s) The logo should therefore be inspired by these 2 logoes. We will be choosing a logo appealing to the young, cool and independant girl. There must be a close resemblance between the L.A ink logo and our logo.

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  • About #100, @JulioCreativeFlow
  • hope you like it :) #96
  • hope you like start with light efex make this design modern elegant #94
  • jan2, I wanted to make sure you are aware that any design that resembles "LA Ink will not be able to be copyrighted. I know you have requested this and know what you are doing with this but just wanted to remind :)
  • To jan2 "Do you have permission to copy the LA ink logo? You can't just copy other people http://design.Not professional "

    It a good question, any answer?
  • About #52, @odamalcse Hello @jan2, kindly check my new proposal. Thanks!
  • la nails #24
  • Do you have permission to copy the LA ink logo?You can't just copy other people http://design.Not professional.
  • Without background #12
  • Am I getting close? What should I add/change. Maybe make the star a little more realistic or better quality? #11
  • it is so close to being perfect I think. We are going to use the logo for windows, walls (decorating) and letters, etc. What would it look like without the brown/stripes around the star look like? Do you know what I mean?
  • This is actually an amazing design. I should have thought about trying this. :) #3
    • @BeerThePoodle @BeerThePoodle Thanks mate!

  • Is there anything I should add/change to mine?
  • la nails #2