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This has been the most amazing experiance. We received far more designs than I had expected and every one was top quality! The customer service was super speedy and always helpful. (I LOVE the chat option!) All of the designers were quick to make any changes I suggested and were easy to work with. Truly, I cannot praise this program enough! I would definitely recommend it to a friend without hesitation and will certainly create another contest if I ever have the need.


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Winning design #261 by gibran, Logo Design for La Advocates Insurance Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gibran

Project description

We are a health insurance Agency in Louisiana. We offer a variety of health insurance products. What sets us apart  is our focus on customer service / Client Advocacy and bringing order to an otherwise chaotic industry. Since the Affordable Care Act has become law navigating between the Health Care Marketplace and the carriers has become a complex endeavor.  We make it "simple", for the client anyway. We have forged the frontier of the new Health Insurance environment, we know where  and how to get the answers our clients need to get covered and stay covered.

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  • Thank you for submitting your design. I prefer your other design, so i will take this one out. #315
    • Thank You, if you want some modification please let me know About #315, @corey2

  • Thank you for submitting your design. I prefer your other design, so i will take this one out. #290
    • About #290, @corey2

      No problem, hope you like my design that brinc personality tonyour conpany, trying to stay away from generic letters logo.


    • About #291, @corey2

      This logo can have variations, you can use only the top letters, full and the "advocates insurance" part can be in the right for a horizontal logo and still keep the personality and strong security that brings the owl formal shape.


  • I like this symbol/logo
  • I like your desing. I like how the L and A connect and the SHine on the box. It adds demention/ #298
  • I think I need a horizontal design. #311
  • Simple and nice thank you! #343
  • This is interesting. I like what you have done witht he A's and I like seeing all of the color opptions #346
  • Thank you for your submission. #350
  • #127 is better revised with LA Advocates #113
  • Needs to Say LA ADVOCATES Insurance not ADVOCATES Insurance. #421
  • Thank you, I like your design. I think the owl is not clear enough. Thank you for your design It is creative #58
  • This is an interesting design, but it throws me off the the A is the focus. THank you for participating in my concept. #383
  • Still looking at #83 and 84 #82
  • VERY CUTE and inice message. The only problem is we dont just help families and I think this may make it seem that we do. Thank you for this design. I wish we could use it. #301
  • The sectioned side of the A is distracting. Thank you for this submission. #210
    • About #210, @corey2 Okay sir, I appreciate your opinion

  • I like this better in Blue
  • This is really nice thank you. I like the Blocks with the letters pulling to the edge. #79
  • We decided not to use a shield. Thank you for your design. #103
  • This one is interesting. I like the colors... it gives and impression that is is not letters but it is. Interesting