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Winning design #52 by designbandel, Logo Design for LA MANZANILLA REALTY Contest
Gold Medal

designed by designbandel

Project description

We are a real estate agency and we are dedicated to the sale of real estate in the coastal area of Jalisco, Mexico (La Manzanilla, is the name of the village where the agency is), We are focused on the sale of tourist properties in beach towns, Our website is 

We need a creative logo, unique, beautiful and clear, that represents our agency and that expresses professionalism, integrity, seriousness and some elegance. In the logo could go some figure related to: the beach, the sea (palm tree, creative wave, seagulls, snail) or also some creative combination of letters. (We do not want the typical logo with a little house, we want something different that is creative, nice and elegant) We like the use of two or three shades of blue with gray, we also like the details that simulate sea waves example: https : //

If the name LA MANZANILLA REALTY is very long, REALTY can be put on a second line with a line on each side example:  we would like the logo also to have REAL ESTATE on the bottom, We like the colors used in the following logos:
 Property sheet we use: We like the following logos:   Any creative and nice detail is welcome.

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  • Hi, please check my entry. #62
  • Hi, please check my entry. #61
  • please feedback #54
  • This is admin sharie, please see email I sent you

    Thank you #49
    • @sharie I hope you are not disappointed. and I hope it's to your liking #52

    • @designbandel I am not the contestholder, please reply to my email though Thank you

  • Hello, I think that I have been clear with you and you don't make the changes like I have requested, if you don't want to make the changes like I request you please tell me, I don't want to loose my time.

    If you are in a contest must be because you want win it, and you must attend professionally to the customers, in any bussiness the customers are the most important, if you don't like attend to customers, dont loose your time and dont make to the customers loose ther time.

    Sorry, but it is truth. #49
    • @lamanzanilla
      I'm so sorry that did not catch you I hope you are not disappointed. and I hope it's to your liking #52

  • bagaimana tuan #48
  • Hello, I will explanin to you another time, I like the logo #37 with the next colors:

    This part in color: 0, 173, 239

    This part in color: 0, 127, 196

    This part in color: 62, 62, 62

    This part in color: 35, 36, 20

    This part in color: 0, 0, 0 (black)

    Please apply the same colors before mencionated to the logo #9 and change REAL ESTATE for BIENES RAICES and please this logo in white background.

    Sorry for all the job, but I like your logo for my company.

    Kind Regards. #37
    • About #37, @lamanzanilla hallo suggestion that you gave me everything I could not open and I see here. Can You Make a link I can open
      Thank you so much

  • Hi ,this is my design i hope you like it #46
  • Hello, sorry but It are not the changes that I requested you, please check the instructions and examples that I have send you.

    Kind Regards. #42
  • bagaimana tuan? #44
  • Hello, I like the colors like I use in the examples on it logo and on the logo # 9.

    The same colors.

    Kind Regards. #38
  • Hello, I think you are not undestand very well to me, I want the logo practicly like is in the next examples, this colors and with BIENES RAICES and move the ocean birds a little bit to the right side, the logo that I like with this changes is the logo # 9.

    I like too that you put the colours before mentionated to the logo # 37.

    I like the colors of the examples because I bought the template for the bussiness card.

    Sorry, but I want choose your logo.

    Kind Regards. #37
    • About #37, @lamanzanilla I'm really sorry if it is not as you would expect but I really hope you choose me
      , I do not understand your intentions, and also an example of what you write I can not see, if you can I hope you want to send it to my email example
      Thank you very much

  • Thank you for you correction ,how do you think that now? #36 #37 if there is a correction please reply back, thank you very much
  • Hello, sorry for the changes, Could you put to it logo the colours that I put in the example and put the ocean birds.

    Could you put the colours that I put in the example to the logo #9 and put the ocean birds and put BIENES RAICES like in the example please.

    Thanks for you kindly attention. #31
  • Hello, I like your logo, could you make some changes like I show you in the next link: I think I will choose your design, please contact me my email is, I want too two sea birds in the right side of the logo. Thanks. #9
    • @lamanzanilla I hope this is in accordance with your expectations if there is less you can correct again.. #30 and #31 Thank you

  • How About This?
    Please Give me a feedback.

    Best Regards
    ZhahidaS #19
  • Hi ,this is my design i hope you like it #13
  • Hi ,this is my design i hope you like it #12
  • Hello, could you put the logo in a white background, put REALTY in a second row change REAL ESTATE for BIENES RAICES and put it in the middle, thank's. #9