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Winning design #44 by mehsugeh, Logo Design for LA Sound Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mehsugeh

Project description

Hi there, we are an italian company and we produce semi-finished and finished silver product since 25 years. Since when the manager was a child he has a great passion for music and combining that with the experience of our work we are about to start a new project into the Hi-Fi & Hi-End. Our main focus right now is to build and deliver a wide range of pure silver cables and connectors, aimed at a specific niche of audiophiles. So, our desire is to deliver these Hi-End products alongside a well designed logo, that should be modern and that also reminds a little bit to luxury (these products can cost 1000€ and more). Furthermore, LA stands for "Lozzo Atestino" which is our little town inside the Euganean Hills, near Venice.

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  • A simplistic, modern design with a luxury touch. Clearly shows the brand image, with a simple color scheme - clear sound link with the inclusion of modified sound waves; a simple and modern logo perfect for LA sound. #78
  • simple and modern design for la sound #76
  • simple and modern design for la sound #75

  • Hello! Check, please design. If something needs to change, write to me. Thank you! #72
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  • About #2, @mehsugeh Hi there! I've been really impressed by your work, one thing I'd like to ask you though. Can you keep the same font and put "SILVER BEATING" instead of "Lozzo Atestino"? Thanks!
    • About #2, @enrico_marchetti Ok, I will fix it. Thanks for feedback.

  • About #23, @CKS Hello! Very well done, just one thing I'd like to ask you. Can you add just a little bit more space between "silver" and "beating"? Because right now it seems like there is the same space between the letters and the words. Thanks alot though!
    • CKS

      @enrico_marchetti grazie, i´ll make the adjustments and back in a few minutes!

    • CKS

      Ciao @enrico_marchetti , please take a look at #27, any changes or suggestions, please let me know.

  • About #8, @senadneslan_juventus
    Hi! I really like your idea, could you try to change the font of "LA" with some other variants that could make it a little bit more serious and/or refined? Possibly keeping the colors of the italian flag.Thanks in advance!
    • About #8, @enrico_marchetti hi,thank you. I will make changes and uploud new version. Thank you for feedback.

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