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Winning design #53 by yunus, Logo Design for Lady Maura  Contest
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designed by yunus

Project description

Hi Everyone. 

You will be designing for a logo for the back of a yacht! It will be seen all over europe. The hull will be either black or silver. The design needs to be extremely elegant as it is named after a very elegant person. However needs to be recognisable with a beautiful logo. and sleek writing.  This logo will also feature on crew clothing. 

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  • Maybe include a diamond instead of a crown? Just a throught
  • About #51, @GAKA Very good. Can you cahnge the style of the crown?
    • About #51, @EllisGittins
      thanks for the suggestion, I'll revisions back ..
      best regards me..

  • Could you use Gold writing. Love the design. Or different colours writing #43
  • Can you change the lines above the font? The font is great, can you experiment with it. Include a diamond or a ring somewhere. Thanks #33
  • Could you get rid of the lines at the top? Thanks #29
  • Hi sorry! I prefer the other one. Do you want to play around with the design. Thanks! #27
  • Could you also experiment with the font? Its a little too bold #20
  • could you put this design on a pure silver background? #20
  • Could you try and make the diamond a little more evident? Thank you
  • This logo will have a silver or black background. Can you maybe thicken the writing and change the back ground and coloiurs #16
  • About #16, @TRIC Very nice. Can you try some more?
  • I cant really find one. But just a diamond ring maybe sitting just under the MAURA?
  • About #7, @skydesig
    Please if possible, give me an example of ring logo.
  • About #7, @skydesig Can you add a ring logo to this design?
  • About #3, @skydesig Maybe inlcude some sort of logo, you can be as creative as you like. Maybe a ring or something of that nature.
  • About #3, @skydesig really like this. Can you play with the colours. Thank you!
  • About #2, @rezawawan1976 Getting there. Remember the lady is a "lady" so nothing to modern! Thank you!
  • About #1, @rezawawan1976 Not wuite. It seems a little too childish to be on the back of a yacht. Thanks Remember the possibility of a black hull therefore think of the possibility of Gold writing or different elegant colours
  • Be creative, but remember to make it easily visible and elegant. Thank you!