Lake Country Brewing Co.

I was very surprised by the number on of entries I had to decide between. Almost overwhelming at times! Which was a good thing. Looking forward to another opportunity to use designContest!

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Winning design #73 by dologo, Logo Design for Lake Country Brewing Co. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dologo

Project description

I'm looking for a rustic yet simple design for a possible beer logo for a homebrew I'm working on for my friends. I'm a big fan of the logos and colors used by Lagunitas Brewing , and New Glarus. Lake Country is an area in SE Wisconsin comprised of 10+ natural glacier made lakes. An overhead image of a portion of the area is posted below. I'm sorry I don't have much direction at this point in time, but I am hoping to get some ideas to springboard off of. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated. - Charlie

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  • Can you put together more color options for the border? Thanks.
    • The border area in which the font resides. Thanks.

  • Dear CH, Here are the colored versions: #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 Thank you for your feedback!
  • Dear CH, Many thanks for your feedback about #9. I did a few color versions as you asked, but I'm still doing other colored designs. Best Regards, pb16
  • Please provide any feedback possible for #12. Thank you!
  • Can you use more rigid lettering?
  • Can you show some more color options??
  • Thank you for the feedback. In regards to #10; Is this font more to your liking?
  • Hello I submitted #5 and #6 for your review, I will come up with more directions but feedback is always welcome thank you!!
  • Can you change the font up?
  • Is there anyway to get a more nautical themed incorporated? Maybe use a wave like border, instead of the bottle cap. Lets see what it looks like with a forest green color, instead of the orange.
  • Here is a preliminary design for your consideration. This design could be put on a background color of your choosing. You may also consider having it printed on transparent plastic. May I recommend that your signature or initials be included to truly personalize this design. respectfully chainmaster
  • Dear CH, is there anything you will like to change on my entry #3 ? Thank you for your rating.
  • That's a good start. Maybe try incorporating a lake into the background of the photo.
  • Great look - Is that suppose to be a cloud above Lake Country?
    • Hello CH, This is a beer foam. The overall idea was to connect lake and beer, so there is water under the "Lake Country" and a beer foam above it. Best regards, Iridith

    • Hello CH, I've just uploaded two alternative versions - #67 & #68. Best regards, Iridith

  • Can you leave just the LCB on one, and add a teeny tiny co. at the end? Thanks.
    • It did not look great no matter how hard i tried. So I wrote it out in full below. #66

  • You are not allowed to use photos in logo contests. You do not own the photo and te ch can not use such an image for scaling all logos are required to be 100% your own work and 100% vector.
  • Try eliminating the lakes within the font. Thanks.
    • Hello, Revised version without lakes #54 Thank You

  • Can you add a stamp effect to #41 #42?
    • I can not add more stamp effect, because the words will be unreadable.

  • Can you do an all black logo as well? Like this one a lot. Thanks.
    • Also, please add another option in black w/o the outer gear circle.

  • Can you use this font w/ the Stamped look used in #1? And put the LCB on it's own? Thanks.