Lake Forest Preservation Foundation

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Winning design #108 by mmkdesign, Logo Design for Lake Forest Preservation Foundation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mmkdesign

Project description

Logo for a non-profit, community organization in Lake Forest, IL.  Here is a description of the organization:

Through continuous dedication to the preservation of the historic visual character of Lake Forest, the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation:

  • Encourages and aids the restoration and preservation of historic sites, structures, landscapes and amenities of the community
  • Presents educational programs and publishes newsletters to increase knowledge and awareness of Lake Forest’s historic resources
  • Observes City meetings in order to assist with preservation issues
  • Conducts research, surveys, and studies related to historic preservation
  • Recognizes projects in the community that contribute to the visual character of Lake Forest through our annual presentation of Historic Preservation Awards

Our Mission

The Lake Forest Preservation Foundation protects the historic visual character of Lake Forest.

Our Vision

A community sharing a commitment to preserving the historic visual character of Lake Forest.  By focusing on the City’s integrity, beauty and historic character, we help ensure that future generations will continue to value, appreciate and enjoy Lake Forest.

Logo Design Criteria

1.  Use the image of the gaslights in Lake Forest in some form -- actual or stylized (photos attached)

2.  Clearly communication the name of the organization:  Lake Forest Preservation Foundation

--Emphasize "Preservation" in the name

3.  Make it simple enough to be used in multiple sizes (3/4" to 3" high), including very small signatures (e.g., on postcard)

4.  Predominantly black and white with gold or forest green accents.  However, must translate well in just black & white.

5.  While the gaslight is a bit old-fashioned, would like to make the logo overall as contemporary as possible to attract younger families (adults 25-45), as well as being acceptable to long time residents

6.  Produce in landscape, not portrait, format

7.  For more info on the organization, please go to

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  • how about this one? #137
  • Elegant #134
  • need feedbeck. #132
  • Hello, Did the simple illustration of the photos u provided, used the colors you wanted, but it can also work as black as you can probably guess. You can check small version in the bottom right corner. Thanks #116
  • Hi. Check the black yellow version of design. Thanks. #108
  • About #53, @andricasp Great rendition of the gaslight!! Really like the flame and the spindle. Can you replace the trees with buildings from our town square, which you can find by Googling "Market Square, Lake Forest, Illinois, USA"
    • @ppandaleon Thank you for feedback, design revision in no # 107, please for feedback again thank you

  • Thanks for putting this back in!! #23
  • About #86, @alexsandoval
    Thank you for reinstating this! Can you just reduce "Laek Forest" to the same level as "Foundation" so "preservation" is dominant?
  • I have revised back like your suggestion. Hope you like it. Thanks. Best regards #102
  • I have revised back like your suggestion. Hope you like it. Thanks. Best regards #101
  • I have revised back like your suggestion. Hope you like it. Thanks. Best regards #100
  • how about this? #96
  • how about this one? #91
  • Simple and elegant with color black and white #90
  • Maybe this design you like.. #88
  • Try a serif font for some or all of the words. #72
  • Preservation should be dominant word #72
  • New photo added of an idea from one of our members. Feel free to use this as a new direction and add designs that are similar (or very close).
  • About #81, @hollander
    Thanks so much -- that helps clarify the two versions. Many of our members really liked your logo. Is there an italic font for "Lake Forest" that is a list more contemporary than your first choice? I really liked have the town name in italics!
  • About #11, @hollander
    Please make these revisions:
    --Deemphasize "FOUNDATION" and possibly put it on a third line in smaller type
    --What are the borders of the logo? If it is the whole field, it is too large. How will green background be shown and in what size?
    --One person on the committee thinks the overall tone is too old fashioned. Any ideas to make it more contemporary? I think it is the "Lake Forest" font that she is reacting to.
    • @ppandaleon Hello Thanks for the feedback. Please check #81 The horizontal version is designed for placement in the header of your site. The final result will be with a transparent background, for any dark background.