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Winning design #108 by Donyfajar, Logo Design for Lala Wines Logo Contest
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designed by Donyfajar

Project description

We are looking for a logo that embodies our brand position of delivering a high-end boutique wine experience to our customers in Europe (to start with, and potentially India at a later stage). We hand-pick high quality wines from small and mid-size (largely family owned) wineries in California and create a curated experiences on our website (which would drive most of the sales). The logo should hence signify exclusivity, luxury, the sense of a curated experience, "the taste of a high-end yet largely affordable" product, etc. We would prefer the complete name "Lala Wines" to appear on the logo, but open to creative suggestions. Colors etc not a constraint except for usual constraints around reproducibility on websites, v-cards, also wine bottles.

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  • Dear CH this is my firsts entries. I hope you like. I am at your disposal for any opinion or modification. Greetings. Celia moimeme
  • Hello CH, #21 . Trying to capture that European vibe, it may need more color and something on the left to balance. Red grapes maybe. I will have a few more elegant offerings for you soon.
  • i like the shape of the graphic in red - can we try a different color though?
  • about #44. this is my first concept. the stand of the glass stands for the letter "L" that represents LALA and the glass forming a letter "W" means wines with the wine color red. thanks. more power! best regards :)
  • this may work if the boundary is made much less intricate
  • i like this better. can we also try either 'Lala" or "wines" in a smallcase version and/or maybe a different font. You may want to check out the gilt taste logo
  • like the play with the glass on the L - however, we need a thicker and maybe different font
  • color is ok? I added a little more red. I made the font a little bit wider. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Regards.
  • like the graphic on top but we need a different font. Also, this might be too many colors
  • red color may be a bit too bold. Also, can we switch to a slightly oldschool/worn out looking font
  • like the symmetry and clean look but the color and the headphone look may be a bit too casual (esp for a french audience)
  • like the worn down look on the font. can we see another version with a slightly wider variation on the font, and maybe the bottles in the "A's" a bit smoother?
  • CH, This is my first submission. I tried to incorporate the elegance that you were looking for while tying in the faded image of a vineyard. Thanks, BFlame
  • Hello CH. Do You want more red ? please write me some hex codes in your comment. What color (hex code) to wich logo You want. I'll do without a problem. Regards.
  • Thank's for the feedback, I have revised the graphic and replaced it on the top. Also worked on the font.. Let me know what you think! Thank's
  • Hi - we're choosing between this and the other version you sent. I spoke with my business partner though and i think we'd like to go for a much bolder color - much more red. Is it possible for me to point you to a color somehow here? If you can send both these logos in the different color, that would be great. Thanks
  • we like the colors and font. can we try a thicker version of the font though. Thanks
  • thanks for the revision. I actually like the placement of the graphic (on top of the text) in the previous version, so let's stick with that. We'll have to experient with the font a bit though. Can we get a few different options on the font keeping the following the same: - Graphic on top of text - Text in red and black (with the dot on the "i" red), as in the previous design.
  • like the graphic on top. can we try a different font for the text though. thanks
  • #167, is another direction use lowercase more "taller" than my others idea thanks