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Winning design #212 by ocen, Logo Design for Landscape Architect seeks a new logo....fantastic opportunity to showcase your logo design talents Contest
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designed by ocen

Project description

We are looking for a professional looking logo. We are not contractors. We are designers. The logo should help solidify name recognition for the firm and be both traditional and forward thinking. Many of our clients are high powered business leaders and/or wealthy. So elegance and sleekness are important. Good luck!

The logo will be used on black background, white background and also on top of photographs. So it is important that the logo be very legible in all this uses. Fonts or lines that are too thin may not read well when placed on a photograph for example. So please keep that in mind.

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  • here are my designs #10 that is a landscape with the font looking like it has messurements and constructed with the rulers and tools used by architects, and the other #11 is a pool and the tools showing
  • Thanks for the feedback! I'll work on improving it to be more unique!
  • Seems too city-like. Looks like skyscrapers to me.
  • A pretty nice idea but maybe not close enough to what we do.
  • Pretty good color combo. Font might be a little too "computery"
  • Not bad. A little generic tho. Doesn't feel 'unique' enough.
  • #2, #3 Hello, this logo can be read in 2 way: 1- swimming pool world with a skyline 2 - a diamond ring. It mean that you are the diamond in the landscape architecture! I wait your answer! thank you!
  • Good stuff everyone. Keep in mind that the logo does not necessarily need to be green color. And it does not necessarily need to have a leaf or plant in it either.
  • Interesting idea. Might not print well on drawings.
  • ch, thanks for feedback, colors updated.
  • I like the simple iconic logo. But the font could use a little enhancing.
  • Try alternate colors please.
  • I think the SK looks like an animal tail.
  • I like that the graphic is not a plant.
  • I think the graphic needs to be changed.
  • I like. But try a different font for Sean Jancski and maybe an alternative color scheme for the icon
  • Try another color please. Nice layout.
  • Icon looks like dear feet to me :)
  • Too generic and not really related to the business IMHO
  • Like graphic. Try different fonts please.