Landscape Ecology and Fire (LEAF) Research Laboratory

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Winning design #599 by GAKA, Logo Design for Landscape Ecology and Fire (LEAF) Research Laboratory Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my fire ecology lab. I am envisioning a simple but sleek logo of a leaf and a flame, and I think I'd like the letters "LEAF" to be part of the leaf/fire graphic itself (please see attachment). For example, maybe "LE" are a leaf and "AF" are the same shape, but a flame. Or maybe "E" and "A" are leaves and "L" and "F" are flames. I have this idea of having the letters perfectly symmetrical so they are identical upside-down and right-side up. I'd like to see artists take this idea and run with it, but I also want to see some other ideas. I think I want the flame to match the red of Texas Tech (RGB 204-0-0), or a gradient. I am picturing that red with vibrant green(s) (artists can choose any green or green gradient- no need to stick to my selected example greens) and black. Please ask questions-- I am hoping to be very attentive as this contest progresses. 

This logo will be printed (posters, sign on the door of the lab) and will be used on the web. 

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