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Winning design #84 by Ibdesign, Logo Design for Larsen Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Ibdesign

Project description

Company Overview Larsen Group is an umbrella brand for a group of companies that bring professional design and architectural services, high-end building/construction expertise, and custom furniture making together. Larsen Group provides the discerning homeowner with a broad set of experience, exceptional quality, and a unique level of craftsmanship. Larsen Group - Design. Build. Furnish. Logo Design The logo for Larsen Group will be simple, with an artistic element, and include the Design. Build. Furnish. concept to communicate the full scope of services provided. The company serves a defined geographic region and as such must be approachable and not be too 'industrial'. At that same time, while Larsen Group represents several boutique firms, the logo will not be 'kitchy' or cute. The main color of deep red has been chosen to convey strength, confidence, and quality. The logo will be used on dark grey vehicles/trailers so will require a color-block effect with white/opaque and black lettering.

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  • how can i submit more designs.Some contestants can do that but my limit is only 3 designs
  • Thank You!
  • Dear CH, now I will take brake (at me is 1:00 at night :) I will continue tomorrow, Regards!
  • Fantastic. Can I see these with periods between the services instead of bars? Thanks!
  • Very classy, can I see some variations in the font of 'Larsen' and the sizing and placement of the graphic?
  • Great! Love the first three! Could I see the Grey one with the box and 'Larsen' in "solid "red? I'm not so excited about the fade effect on the red parts of the bottom two examples.
  • I really like all four and think the versatility of the logo is of huge benefit. Can I see an option where red is present in 'Larsen' or part of the symbol ie. the small box on the white 'L'?
  • Thanks for the proof. The logo seems too cluttered with the overlap. I don't like the line either.
  • Thanks for the proofs. I like the bottom monochromatic logo the best. I don't like the diamonds between the services, but am open to other symbols. I would like to see some variations in the graphic, but like the way it sits in front of the name on the bottom logo,
  • Thanks very much for your proofs. I'd like to see a variation on the red background without the graphic. How would the "Design, Build, Furnish' look outside the red background? Also need to see some different fonts for 'Larsen'.
  • Appreciate your response! I like the logo, but it's too funky for the image of Larsen Group. It makes me wish I owned a designer furniture store!
  • I like it it. Thanks for your speedy response. The font for "Larsen' is a little too futuristic. Wondering what 'Larsen' would look like in a different font in white. I like the group in the red background. Also, would like to see some variations on the cross-hatched sketched line theme. Looking forward to seeing some more proofs.
  • CKS
    #22 Hello, thank you for feedback! Sending a new proposal for your evaluation, hope you like. Any changes, please let me know Regards. Erick
  • Thanks for your design. I do like how the white 'pops' on a red background and the juxtaposed fonts for 'Larsen' and 'Group'. The 'Group' font is very cool. I find the general layout to be a bit too blocky and imbalanced. The 'Design, Build, Furnish' header may be better placed outside the red backer. Would be nice to see two different colours for 'Larsen' and 'Group'.
  • sorry but i reached my limit,i can not submit anymore designs.wish u all the best
  • Thanks for quick turnaround! Like the concept of using bold for Larsen followed by Group with no space between the words. Preferred the character spacing on #15. Would like to see a dark grey background with white/opaque and black lettering. Not connecting with the symbol, see comments for #11.
  • Thanks for your design! Really like seeing Larsen and Group together on one line and the use of font/color blocking to differentiate between Larsen and Group. The 'artistic' cross hatch at the top right of Group is the kind of subtle 'symbol' that we're looking for - something very simple and yet effective! Also like the Design. Build. Furnish interpretation. Would like to see with alternate fonts for Larsen Group though - more 'luxury'. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the updated design! *Really* like the Larsen Group font and color differentiation, but would like to see this on another background color to see how it would look on the dark grey vehicles. Still find the symbol to be too prominent - perhaps try an alternative?
  • Thanks for your design! Like the narrow font - not for all of the words but to be incorporated perhaps to distinguish between Larsen and Group. Find the house symbol to be too literal. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your design! Unfortunately this is not quite what we're looking for - too 'futuristic'. Thanks!