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Winning design #214 by bhaiti, Logo Design for Laser Tattoo Removal School - A Laser Academy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bhaiti

Project description

We are one of America's leading education centers specializing in one thing, laser tattoo removal. We want something that will convey to our students professionalism, and a clean design. The colors we would like to work with are any grey and red hues. If you have a different idea feel free to try it. The "A" in "A Laser Academy" is intended to convey an A a student would receive as a grade, so we would like to somehow emphasis that in the logo. Another detail we like is a possible laser beam running between the words laser and academy, possible separating them. Just show us what you can do.

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  • Out of all of them we like this one the most, if you could change the font and play around with the design a little bit. We like the cleanliness of the design, maybe emphasis the "A" a little more and add a tagline "the authority in tattoo removal.
    • Hi Thank you, but i've reached my upload limit, so if you are still interested, please rate my design higher than 30(pts), and i can submit one more, with the requested tweaks.. Thanks again, and sorry for my inattention

  • We like the concept, maybe change the half circle in the "A" to a straight laser like line. Perhaps hitting the other "A" in laser and fading that out. Instead repeating academy on the bottom could you put "The Authority In Tattoo Removal"
    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design , I have uploaded new version of #78, hope you like it. Feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

  • Could you do this in a white back round so we can compare the colors to the other design. We like the concept, it's very simple, could we take it to the next step and see what it looks like with the "A" centered and in the back round. Just and Idea we are curious to see what it looks like.
  • Could you make the beam come through and hit the "R" in "Laser"? Also the design is somewhat dull, we want it clean but eye catching at the same time.
  • We like how the "A" is popping out in the design, could you get rid of the circle graphic, maybe emphasis the "A" in the back round, we would like to see some different concepts.
  • Can we see this same design with the same colors in a white back round instead?
  • This is headed in the wrong direction, but we want to see you expand upon this design.
  • This one is an improvement, but still not quite what we are looking for. Continue to improve on the idea we would like to see what you can produce.
  • We don't really get this design, we need to convey education with lasers.
  • Can you stay away from the exploding concept? We like the direction the top design is moving in better.
  • Very modern and clean, we like the concept. Can you play around with different fonts and designs that are similar?
    • Of course, I´ll be uploading more options. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

  • I like the concept, could you change it to the colors we were looking for and make the "A" more prominent.
  • This is getting closer, the other designs are creative but convey the professionalism we are looking for. Could you get the A to appear more prominently in the design?
  • We need to change the font to a crisper, cleaner feel. Play with the "A" design. Perhaps drop it in the back round and see what it looks like.
  • You were closer on the first version, the first design was more what we were looking for.
  • About #47 Dear CH, Nice to hear from you :), thank you so much for loving my T-shirt design, #47 this 2nd concept i uploaded pleases check the design, and i am working on more concepts, sure i'll come with good concepts, Thanks again :)
  • We like the concept, but the font needs to be cleaned up. Make it look a little more professional looking. Just work with it, and send us more ideas.
  • We need more of a school feel, something that conveys education.
  • What's up Ruban, you actually did our shirt design and won for the clinical side Rethink the Ink. We really enjoyed working with you on our last contest and wanted to say a job well done. We like your basic concept, it's a good start but we need more emphasis on the "A". And we would like a laser beam or a form of light in the design, fading, bouncing off certain parts of the design for example. Try some different ideas, we will help guide you.
  • We like how clean and crisp the concept is, we need to change the font and remove the design in the middle of the "A' perhaps you could try a different design. Just play with it we would like to see your ideas.