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Winning design #126 by nicolets , Logo Design for Latam Leap Contest
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designed by nicolets

Project description

We are building a community that wants to connect Latin American Start-ups with Global Funding. We want this to be a place where Latin American Start-ups will make the leap to become the company they dream of becoming. We will have two type of users, one is star-ups, and the other will be venture capitals.

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  • Hello Mkh017, Sure as long as they match well. Cheers, DAlvo
  • Don't like the perspective of the map, or the font. Will get my business partners to comment too.
  • I like it, but there is something that I can't get my words to say. I think the logo looks more like a bank, or financial institution than what we aim to be. Maybe change the font, the arrow to triangular at the end. I will get my business partners to comment to.
  • Dear CH can we use more colors? thanks! best regards MKH017
  • Hello Mioo, Here are the answers to your questions: - What is your company name? Latam Leap - Does your company have a tagline or slogan? If yes, please specify. Connecting Latin American Innovation with Global Funding (may chage but this is what we have for now) - What sets your company apart from others? We are a group of entrepreneurs that are multicultural. That it is we know what are the codes in Latin America, how things are done, what do people mean, etc. Thus giving a good edge on filtering the start-ups that will be a part of our community. On the other hand we have a group of bankers that know what the other side is looking for and wants. Hope this answers the question. - How would you see your company evolve in 5, 10 and possibly 50 years, respectively? Evolving from an electronic platform, to a physical space all over Latin America where people can come and start their business, receive coaching, hear success stories, and so on. We aim to be the standard for Latin American and Vc's to connect, people should say "have you looked in Latam Leap??" when asked the questions where do you get funding, or where do you find good start-ups. Also we aim to offer the possibility for crowdfunding in the near future. - Can you describe your company in one word? Opportunity - What, in your opinion, defines a well-designed logo? Good use of colors, good use of space, something that gets your mind going and leads you to ask what's that? I want to be a part of it. Hope this answers your question. Anything else you might need please don't hesitate to ask. Cheers, Dalvo
  • Dear Sir/Madam, I've been reading through your design brief, as I suppose many other designers already have. I have a few questions I would like to ask you in order to help me (and others) in designing logos for you: - What is your company name? - Does your company have a tagline or slogan? If yes, please specify. - What sets your company apart from others? - How would you see your company evolve in 5, 10 and possibly 50 years, respectively? - Can you describe your company in one word? - What, in your opinion, defines a well-designed logo? I would most appreciate it if you could answer these questions for me, as they will definitely help me create a logo that suits your company's interests and your clients. Thanks in advance, Mioo
  • Dear Ch, Pls check my revised entry #18. i hope you like it! thank you! Your Feedback is much appreciated. Kind Regards, Finestroke
  • good evening CH.... thank you very much for the positive feedback about my design... i will send revisions of my entries... thank you....
  • Like this one too. Maybe the symbol of people can be different. We are trying to connect entrepreneurs to vc's. I know at the end we are connecting people, but maybe we can show it in a different way. Like the circle that surrounds them.
  • Like the font, its simple and transmits the modern concept. Simple and direct.
  • Hello Mioo, Spoke with my business partners and we like the concept, but think its too formal. This has to be a Tech related company. Our users will be Tech related start-ups and VC's. In some way it has to transmit the idea of going forward onto the future. Another one word definition cold be connecting. Overall I like the ones with the compass on the side not the big one. Hope it helps. If you need anything else please let me know. Cheers, DAlvo
  • We're glad you like the concept, we will wait for further feedback.
  • Thanks Mioo. Let me give comments with my business partners. I like the overall concept but let me gather all the comments so I don't make you work double.
  • Like the font, but it gives me more the sense of shelter, houses,or something like that
  • I like the world, but it looks too much like a ball. And you can't read well. Also its Latam Leap not Fatam
  • Thank you for your answers. Based on the information you've given, we've come up with a design from our sketches that we think will suit your needs. The designs are numbered 5 - 7. The compass provides a sense of direction, a sense of guidance. It sends a simple, yet powerful message about the aid Latam Leap has to offer. We've also chosen a sturdy semi-bold font for the company name, written in small caps. This translates to a sense of security, stability and determination. We've opted to use flat colors, as opposed to gradients, as this is far more print-friendly and fits well with the minimalistic concept of the design. The logo as a whole thus does a very good job of depicting Latam Leap's purpose and strengths in a sleek, simple yet powerful professional design. Should you have any more questions or feedback, please do not hestitate to contact us. edit: we've uploaded a logo to show you the result in gradients.
  • Good Day CH.. I just submitted the ff. designs #81 and #82. Hope this works. Have a nice day Thank You....
  • good day CH.... thank you for the comment and great feedback about my entries... i already send the revised design of entry #49... thank you...
  • can you put the slogan with a bigger font please ? The idea is that should be readable in a business card
  • about #63 #64 Try update with different font and other shape Thank You