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Winning design #19 by Neyzza, Logo Design for Launch Systems Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Neyzza

Project description

Looking for a logo redesign. We are a high end custom technology company (we install smart systems - and we are looking for a very clean, yet distinctive design to incorporate our name as well as possibly a branding emblem/element (rocket, etc.). The company name can be shortened to Launch Systems (no Group). A simple and clean design is paramount.

Top 3 Things to Communicate

#1 - Very High Quality
#2 - Professionalism/Competence

#3 - Luxury

Our Target Audience:

We operate in the top tier luxury smart home technology market with high end clients as well as home builders and architects. We also operate in and commercial office industry so a "home" element in the logo design is not desired. The logo must appeal to men and women who might be considered trend setters.

Color Preferences

A balance of reds and grays

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  • Hello & Merry Xmas !^^

    Here is my design:
    Clean corporate and catchy vector logo with modern red/grey color scheme.

    If you like the concept i can make some variations with rocket & smoke.
    Feel free to give your feedbacks !

    Axel #287