Lav-Arte (Decorative Soap)

It was a great experience and a good opportunity to meet great designers. Unfortunately we had to choose one, there were so many great entries.

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Winning design #102 by Bailey, Logo Design for Lav-Arte (Decorative Soap) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Bailey

Project description

Product: Scented decorative glycerin soap Name of Brand: Lav-Arte (Word game for Washing and Art) Target: Socio economic level: A+A, B+ Competitive advantages: • Original, artistic and new models for the Mexican market • High quality fragrances/ perfumes. • Top of the line, high quality glycerin. Marketing concept: Pleasurable personal hygiene that captures the art of living. Logo Design Vector Graphic logo, which conveys the essence of the brand. Image which causes strong impact. Modern and stylized.

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  • Hello CH I just submitted #20 its a little different than the designs so far so I would appreciate feedback if this is an approach you are interested in taking.
  • Hey CH, just wondering if #17 is on the right path? Thanks :)
  • Hi Again, About #16 I tried to make the circle look less heavy on the 'L', and more elegant. Best Regards
  • Hello CH, About #15 This new type is the exact type used in the 'L'. I felt the other type was a little hard to read. Thanks, Creativitron
  • I like the integration of the circle with the rest of the brand. I feel they connect a bit better. I like the way you think.
  • I like the elegance and simplicity of the concept. I'd like to know why did you choose the fonts and colors. Could I see the logo in some stronger colors?
  • Hello CH, About #9 I chose the font because it felt very solid but at the same time elegant. I felt the letters had just the right serif and curvature. Your description of your product made it seem elegant and high standard, and again I felt a little of both solidity and elegance. As for the colors I believe all designers felt that light tone pastel colors would be perfect. I submitted #11 with a different font as you suggested. Thank you for asking about the designs, not a lot of Contest holders do that. Best Regards, Creativitron
  • I like the overall design, and of the new colors I like the first and second options. They fit better into what I had originally thought of. I like the capital L inscribed in the circle, I like that font. I like the logo as it now, but could you change the font beneath the brand to match the one in the circle? I'd like to see that. could I ask why did you choose those fonts and colors? I'd like to know.
  • Hello CH, Thank you for your feedback. I have submitted #9 for your review. Also I wanted to say that the "L" inside the circle logo represents 'scent' from your soaps. Best Regards
  • I like the elegance. I like the different uses of the image and the typography. Could you use some other hues?
  • Hello CH About #8 I hope you like my overall design and color choice. Please let me know if I am going in a wrong direction. Best Regards
  • I like the typo, but I feel it a bit too simple. I like the detail above the "a".
  • I like how it looks very elegant, however it reminds of some other logo's I've seen in financial products, some beauty products and in the México city logo. I like the contrasting colors.
  • I like how it looks very elegant, however it reminds of some other logo's I've seen in financial products, some beauty products and in the México city logo. I like the contrasting colors
  • I like the typo but I don't love the overlapping rectangles. I like the apparent simplicity and maybe I'd add some other color for contrast.
  • I like a bit more your other idea, I think the G looses a bit of shape, but personally I can't read the brand properly. Maybe if the L and the A had a small gap between them. Like it.
  • I like the concept, but the letters look like a G. like the colors and the typography. Nice work .
  • I like the concept, it's close to what I originally had in mind, I'm not sure about the brown color. Love the idea of the circles as a reminiscence of bubbles.
  • Hi CH Thanks for rating on #7. Are there any modifications you request. Any feedback or guidance towards your vision is appreciated. Regards, Andrei
  • I like the green color but I think the purple one has more presence.