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Winning design #115 by nirvana, Logo Design for Lavvoro, Inc Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nirvana

Project description

I need a logo for Lavvoro
Lavvoro will be a professional social media - similar to linkedIn

Our elevator pitch is.
Establishing meaningful business connections through virtual handshakes .

We want a clean, easy to look at logo. We are open to suggestions..
It can be just a mark or a mark with company name and just company name.
We are not set on a specific color yet..max 2 color combination

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  • If I chose you how may versions of this logo can you create for me?
    I have not decided yet if I want the logo on the left or above the company name #115
    • About #115, @amorillo of course. with my pleasure. :)

  • Thank you. I need the same color scheme used by #112

    send me 2 versions.
    1) logo on left side
    2) logo on top

    I need to make a decision soon #73
  • Please try the following
    For the characters

    company name

    I am closed to making a decision #73
    • About #73, @amorillo thank you very much for your kindness to me. :)

  • Please try the following
    For the characters

    company name

    I am closed to making a decision
  • Can you create an additional version with the logo on top? #112
  • There you have colours. Like u want
  • I hope you like it #111
  • Logo idea #102
  • any suggestion of this design thanks #101
  • Hi @amorillo - i will give you some alternate colors of blue. Thanks :)
    • @nirvana Thank you. we dont want colors too bright. we want softer colors. we like the landing page color... we are open to - blue, grey, purple (heroku color) just create some choices with those colors..thank you

    • Hi @amorillo - about #97 , if in the palette isn't color you like, do not hesitate to comment me. Thank you :)

  • Thank you.
    I will provide you with the color# so that I get the exact color combination I am looking for #96
  • I would like for you to use a different blue? #73
  • Thank you. I like the concept.
    Maybe you can create a separate mark with "oro" #70
    • About #70, @amorillo Sure. #74. Hope you like it more. Thank you.

  • Can you change the "a" shape? I would like to see it lie the one used on # 73.

    I do like the fount weight you are using, and the color of the font. #65
  • Thank you. Can you please try using a different blue? #37
    • dear @amorillo - a new color? or different color each other? =)

    • @nirvana actually both options. The blue you are using is too bright in my opinion. I also like other entries where the designer have used two colors. Thanks

  • Thank you. try to get them closer to eachother #71
  • try replacing the green for a similar color used by heroku
    on their landing page.

    also try to replace the green for the color used by airbnb on their new logo
  • Still like this one better.
    I will suggest a couple of color combinations shortly #65
  • Thank you. I really like your logo suggestion #65
    • Hello. Thanks ;) I think thats really good idea becouse there are people and a crown.. its good for marketing

    • @poetaa92 can you do other color combinations? replace the green?

  • handshake concept in letter L #66