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Winning design #150 by VALADARES, Logo Design for Law Firm Needs New Logo Contest
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designed by VALADARES

Project description

I am the owner of a small law firm in the Chicago area. The firm specializes in family law - divorce, custody. I am looking for a logo to use on my website, on-line advertisements, and, if appropriate, on my stationery. The name of the law firm is: The Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd. I am open to all proposals regarding design. I want visually arresting but conservative and reassuring. Martin Delaney

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  • Hey, submitted my designs. Let me know what you think.
  • Hi Martin, I've submitted hopefully lucky #7. The icon to me represents many aspects, The 3rd of your name, Pilars, and a family being embraced. Please provide me with any feed back you may have.
  • Hi I made three attempts at your logo, please check #31, #32 and #33. One thing i'd like to mention: if you are thinking of picking a Initial based logo you should consider dropping the "A". I think "MAD" acronym for a lawyer is now so good. Hope you do not mind but i like to speak my mind. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks Andrei
    • Hi Thanks for the ratings. Any directions/changes on the logos? thanks

    • Hi I made some more versions of my best rated design 33. It is different in color (i used the blue and purple that are closer to your brief), played on coloring different initials and also made two with the symbol above the name centered. Please take a glimpse at #70, #71, #72, #73, #74 and #75 and let me know what do your require next. Regards Andrei

  • Hi, I have my #44 and #45, please say what you think about that, I am maked form some text and added some elements on that, used some inner glow... Thanks!
  • one design/one version in an entry only
  • Hello CH, i have submitted design #25 ,hope you like it..would love to know your feed back. Thank you
  • #20 #16 #14 these were my designs, feed back is greatly appreciated thanks!
  • Hi, Would you be kind to rate the ones you like or eliminate some or comment so we know what direction your are leaning towards! Kind Regards Ugur
  • Can make the initials blue?
    • good day CH.. Thank you for the message CH.. I uploaded the latest design.. thank you...

    • good evening CH.. any final request CH.. feel free to ask for revisions CH.. Thank you.

  • Hi again I also did some versions in blue of #31. Please have a look at #76, #77 and #78 respectively. Kind regards Andrei
  • Hi Two new proposals, #105 and #106. Thanks Andrei
  • Hello Dear CH, I've submitted #102. Please let me know if the color works for your company. Thank You!
  • Hey Martin! I just submitted #95 and #96. I combined the letters "M" and "D" to create a court facade. I would appreciate if you give me some feedback. Thanks!
  • Dear CH! Please give a look at my submission #120. This is a new concept and a complex design. Please give your kind reviews and feedback. Thanks and Regards
  • Hi Three new attempts without initials. See please #132, #130 and #131. Thanks Andrei
  • I really like this design. Could you try it in brighter colors. Thank you.
    • Hi CH, Thanks for the feedback. I submitted #128 with brighter colors I hope you like it. I choose these colors becouse you can use it in bright and dark backgrounds. Thank You.

  • Can you make the "The Law Offices of" stand out more" Or move the location. Add, "Ltd." after my name. Thank you.
    • |--|

      martin111 {*wrote*}:
      Can you make the "The Law Offices of" stand out more" Or move the location. Add, "Ltd." after my name. Thank you.
      |--| Hello CH. Thanks for the feedback. I'll make the changes and post a new improved version.

  • I like the color and design. My staff doesn't like the initial. I like the type - but please add "Ltd." Many of the design with my initials are very creative, and I like them. But I think I need to go with a design, probably legal related or suggestive of the filed of law.
  • It is not allowed to use a photo tracing image for logo design; Source:; entry:
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted #166 and need your feedback, thanks!