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Winning design #134 by dhamkith, Logo Design for Laya Bhava Dance Academy Contest
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designed by dhamkith

Project description

Laya Bhava Dance Academy is a school of indian classical dance (bharatanatyam) in Canada. We need a logo that expresses indian dance culture in a modern, way using bright colours. In the past, we've always used light blue so I would like there to be light blue in our new logo. A bit about our name: "Laya" means rhythm and "Bhava" means emotions. I want the logo to be 1-3 colours only, preferably light blue, red, dark blue or black. I want the logo to be creative and capture "movement." Most importantly, the school is not as popular, so I want to lean more towards a word mark/calligraphic. This way, people will familiarize themselves with the brand name of who we are. For the logo, I want two things to be present; one which the reader can easily identify and another should be hidden in the logo like the famous tostitos logo. Maybe we could have a traditional bharatanatyam dancer (costume specific dance form) and with the use of negative space a dancers face (side view). I'd prefer the pic of the dancer to be a modern design. Or maybe the dancers arm match's the shape of an L so you see the letter L twice. Maybe the dancer could be coming out of one of the letters or before the "L". Maybe we could have a hand coming out of the letters (like the red logo in my google drive). Or incorporate eyes in letter "a" in the logo. or hand symbols or the anklet (bells for indian dance). Or a modern god nataraja or god ganesh. We are hoping that the logo will become the foundation for our site design and other promotional material. I've included a few samples of ideas I like. Here is the link to our website:

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  • Please check the design entry and let me know if you need any changes, also please provide your valued comment on the design. Thanks Ronik #165
  • and finally, this shows the design on a tshirt : ) #162
  • This is a version of the same design #159 and #160 but in one colour on a dark blue background. This would also work well on tshirts or dance garments etc #161
  • Here is the same design as #159 mocked up as a business card or flyer. #160
  • Dear Contest Holder, Here is my first entry. I have drawn a lady in a classical indian dance pose. It has a touch of light blue and green to give it a touch of colour. This is a flat design which is easy to reproduce in print on tshirts, etc. Kind regards, Liz #159
  • #157 colors are not right i corrected it here #158
  • i made it bolder , made the L alot bigger , changed the color of "dance academy" and the font too so tell me if you want to change it again , and if you need any other changes i'll do it , thank you :) . #157
  • i hope this is what you meant :), thank you.About #153, @kratnes
    • @aabira22 hi I really like the mini logo in the corner. Can you make the writing more bolder? And make the 'L' as big as the 'B'? thanks a lot. And write dance academy in blue in a different font.

    • @kratnes i'm working on it right now i'll upload it shortly .. are you going to be online for a while ? .. and do you want the "dance academy" to be bold text or thinner than the one used ?

  • Hi CH, Please find my entry. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK #156
  • Dear CH, If want to taste something new, :D Have a look at this one and tell me if you need to change it or not. #155
  • i just submitted one with the "L" a little longer and i also made a stand alone symbol if you like it tell me if you want any other changes , thank you. About #153, @kratnes
  • hello i just submitted #150 , a refined one for #141 , it's much easier to read , i hope you like it, please let me know if you need any changes or editing :) thank you.
    • Can you also make the bottom of the 'L' a little longer About #150, @aabira22

  • the logo speaks for emotion , and the way the text (laya bhava) is written shows rhythm and movement .. please give me feedback as soon as you see my design , i hope you like .. please tell me if you want any changes . thank you. #141
    • About #141, @aabira22 I really like the design, it's very cool. I especially like how you incorporated the dancer to the text. Could you modify the text "Laya Bhava" so that it is a little easier to read.

    • @kratnes thank you for the reply :D i am working on it and i will submitt it very soon :)i'll try my best :D thank you .

  • it's a 100% original design , i created the font and everything just give me feedback and let me know if you wantto change anything like color , style, or add anything or edit .. just reply as soon as possible , thank you. #140
  • Hello Ch! I ve used the classic nataraja pose for this design #5 combining with the elements that represents lord nataraja like the snake and fire in his hands. Ive used the Sanskrit type font for easy identification of the Indian culture. Hope you like it. Would love to hear your feedback , so that I can improvise my design further in that direction. Kind Regards Nandni
    • I like your design, but Im not fond of snakes, could you do the design without using a snake? And can you do the design maybe with a capital L and B. or another font?

    • Hello CH! Thank you for your feedback. I have submitted #27 for your consideration. Kind Regards Nandni

  • Hi, I submitted design #3. Please tell me your thoughts! I can also alter the dancer image upon request. :)
    • the picture seems too simple. and I want the logo to be colourful.

  • WARNING: Clipart is not allowed in logo contests! Source:
  • hi, I like the writing. Could you change the pose of the dancer? Thanks
    • what do you mean change the post? u need a different dancer?

    • I just thought that maybe the dancer could be doing something else with her arms or legs.

    • I made a tweak of the dancer here #38 hope you like it.. hope im still on track. Good luck.. :-)

  • Please give your reviews for #24. I tried to create the Natraja 'the God of Dance' with the combination of geometrical shapes to give it a modern look. Regards
    • For design #24 , I really like the picture; could you change the font colour from pink to blue?

    • Yes! I have changed the font color from pink to blue. As well as set the image at the right side of Text, trying to incorporate the Text and Image in one. Second thing I also tried to clearly define the 'Laya' and 'Bhava' by symbols and Image. Hope you like. Revision: #31 Regards

  • for #27, could you also make the head more circular and less oval.