LBFD Catalina Swim Challenge

This is the fifth contest I have done and again great success!

$300 paid

60 custom designs

21pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #43 by DexMind176, Logo Design for LBFD Catalina Swim Challenge Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DexMind176

Project description

LBFD Catalina Swim Challenge(Extinguishing cancer one stroke at a time) I am looking for a logo design for a charity event that Long Beach Fire Department is doing to support kids with cancer. Six swimmers (firemen and lifeguards) are swimming from Catalina to Long Beach (26 miles) in support of kids with cancer at Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach.

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  • Hello Contest Holder, I've uploaded entry #1, where I use as a concept, an image of the general-cancer-awareness ribbon, positioned so that it appears to be a swimmer (head and arms). I added the information I thought you might want to accompany the logo, but do let me know if you'd like something different. I hope you like it, and don't hesitate to comment or ask for modifications. Thank you for the consideration.
  • Hi CH.. I've entry my design #5.. hope you like it.. feedback please..thanks..
  • dear renaefurlow I've uploaded entry #3 and my first initial though after looking back at the screen was 'wow thats childish' but on a second though i realised the real cause of this fundraiser and that maybe a childish fun design was what was needed, the cancer logo has been translated into the recognisable plam trees of long beach. any comments thoughts or suggestion will be appreciated many thanks james
  • GJR
    Hi. I've submitted #23, #49 and #42. If there is anything else you would like to see please let me know. Many Thanks.
    • I like your design #42, I think that is the only different. a good design!

  • Hi! I have put #54 #55 and #56 making sure to design a very simple logo. Let me know your opinion...
  • Dear contest holder, please give feedback on #20 and #24.
  • HI! Please check #39 #37 & #43, I hope this are up to your standards Best Regards
  • I really like the logos that are starting to look like the firemen badge. Great submittals!
  • Dear contest holder I've submitted by logo #24. Waiting for your feedback....
  • Hi CH.. I've submitted my design #21... feedback please..thanks..
  • GJR
    Hi, I've just uploaded design #23. I hope you like it. I'm happy to make modifications and any feedback will be gratefully received. Many Thanks.
  • Hello Ch, I hope you like #22 . I tried to create subtle colors and made the ribbon look distorted underwater. Any feedback would be great! Thank You
  • Please give feedback on #20. I have designed a modern logo for you. Hoping for positive response.