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Winning design #49 by WayDesign, Logo Design for LCGB Contest
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designed by WayDesign

Project description

I lead a garage rock band with no aspirations other than to play for fun. We're old guys and gal. We started in my garage 6 years ago. We had no name until 3 years ago, when someone pointed out the clock in the corner [] and said "hey we're the last chance garage band". so the name has stuck. I want to develop a multi-purpose logo i can sent out to print on a banner I can hang when we perform; also something I can use at our youtube channel, and can use it also to print tshirts. So that probably limits me to 2 or 3 colors. the primary colors should be as shown on the clock. i like the clock a lot, but i need you to turn this into a band logo. i don't want a clockas a logo. it must say "Last Chance Garage Band" it must also say "LCGB", which is a lot easier to repeat. It must use green and red as the primary colors and then white if possible. please tell me what else you need to know to make you understand my needs and wants. 6/20/12 Update: I've uploaded some 1930 era soviet propaganda posters as an alternate theme to pursue. I have always been impressed by their urgency and simplicity. Now, I don't want a hammer and sickel in the logo--it's the concept of a strong symbol that appeals to me. I've decided i do not want any instruments like guitars, piano or drums in the logo. No watches or clocks either. I also decided to extend the contest a week to see what develops on this new theme based on soviet propaganda style. Thanks to all of you for your dedication and hard work as I try to find the style that says "that's our band". You can look us up on youtube,, our style is part Rolling Stones, part Talking Heads, part Jack White, if that helps you understand us better. June 21, 2012 update: I continue to be overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of the most excellent work all of you have submitted. I'm especially bowled over by the fact that all of you really read my comments, look at the artwork I upload, and quickly adapt to my tastes. I am beginning to realize that I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, and that all of you are the pen through which I just discern my heart. Thank you all of you for the hard work you have done. I am so excited. Today I have uploaded a few more images, a couple of images from vintage Texaco gas pumps, also featuring the rock band the Clash. Perhaps that will give you more inspiration of who I am. 7/1/2012 update: Wow, this is excruciating having to choose a winner. Harder than I ever imagined wen this began. I'm so grateful and astounded by the great ability of the contestants, so many well executed and thoughtful designs. And so many last minute entries, bring the total to nearly 250. All I can say is I will chooses a winner within 7 days, and thank you so much for all of your efforts. You are indeed a talented community of artists.

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  • Hello, I just wanted to state that I watched your videos, and you guys sound good, great song. #20 design that I submitted is just a logo. I wanted to make sure that you got to see just the logo without the name. Thank you for your time.
  • Hello, Please take a look at #80, #81, #82. Please tell me if you want revision in that. :)
  • Dear CH, thanks for good rating to my design. i have uploaded revised options. please see the entries #76 and #77. Regards
  • Please take a look at #68 and #69. Let me know if you would like me to make any more changes. Thank you for your time.
  • thank you for this beautiful design. It's just not what I want! the 'lcgb' font is too modern for may taste. I must say the black and white version really excites me. could you work just on B & W or other monochrome designs?
  • the sputtering red font for "LAST CHANCE' is the best font so far. can you extend that theme and ditch the watch/headstock graphic and concentrate completely on really cool text font and layout.
  • very well done. lots of creative thinking here. it just feels too clean, too sterile, not bad ass enough.
  • I like this a lot. The guitar guy in the letter 'C' is cute, in fact too cute. can you make this feel tougher?
  • very nice work. can you ditch the guitar and make the feel bolder and angrier.
  • could you take this a step further into something more gritty, something very scary retro like a hammer and sickel from Soviet Russia circa 1930? ditch the cheesey headstock graphic.
  • very clever idea to incorporate the watch-guitar, but it looks too much like an ad for a Timex.the fonts for the lettering are very creative.
  • the guitar graphic is way too bold and cookie cutter
  • way too cheesy
  • Please take a look at #51. I made the revisions that you asked for. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to make this logo better. Thank you for your time.
  • About #54 #58 Hi! Thank you for leaving a comment about my entry. I enlarged lettering of "LAST CHANCE GARAGE BAND" as you suggested and made some color variations. I also included positive and negative versions so you can see it's equally recognizable with or without color and on light or dark background.
  • thanks for your submission. You followed the directions and stuck to lettering. can you add a shape around it and enlarge the lettering of "Last Chance Garage Band" by displaying those works on 2 lines?
  • a nice first effort. can you make this stronger and bolder?
  • this is the most fun logo I've seen so far and i like it a lot. you have great imagination and i love the old fashioned microphones. what would it look like in B & W?
  • well conceived logo. can you do this in monochrome or B & W? could you make the words "LCGB" inside the circle and on the outside of the circle say "Last Chnace Garage bank" in the sort of font that Titlelist uses?
  • one of the cleverest designs I've seen so far. ditch the reflective bubble begind "LC". I really like the B & W version. Can you do anything to make it simpler and stronger?