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Hi, I am launching my own communication and event agency and I want a logo with a modern and creative design. As you can see the name of my company "Le Toucan Rose" is original and means "The Pink Tucan". To explain the name of my company, the tucan is the bird emblem of the city (in South America) where I spent all my youth. Pink is because the city where the company is (Toulouse in France) is also called the "pink city". I decided to make an association of these two words because they are easy to remember, it sounds well and it is unique in Google ! Besides, I think that the name of my company shows the creativity and the modernism of the agency. This is really what I want to show in my logo too. I imagine two kinds of logos either very minimalist design or very creative design. Even if there is "pink" in the name of my company I do not want this colour to be too much present in the logo. Just some feathers for instance. Something light please. Well I hope you feel inspired by my little story. I really expect something different. Have a look to tucan logos in Google images and see what has been done so far in the field of tucan logos.. Please just make it better! Honestly if I get in love with a logo design I might keep the graphist for others design works. :) Impress me!! Thanks and good luck!!

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  • Dear CH you dont ask too much but I have only one last entry.I think that the design dont need a rectangle thats why you like 11 better than 19 and 13.I will try with my last entry to improve 11.Thank you
  • Thank you but I still do not prefer to you first logo.. Can you seperate "LE TOUCAN" and "ROSE" puttin one above the rectangle and one beneath? DO not fill the rectangle, let it transparent with black or grey lines. I think it's not a good idea to have gradation on the text because it makes it less easier to read.Make the eye of the tucan a bit smaller but with a green closer to a green of the rainforest. I hope I am not asking too much!!
  • Hello to all of you, please can you avoid girly font? Thanks!
  • Can you change the font for something less girly? And please add colours to the lines of the pic. Make the eye more minimalist.
  • good idea but please change this font for something less girly! And make the colour more present
  • whauu this is very.. uncommun! I like the idea of the shadow with some lines above but can you make it in a different way (other shadow of tucan)? I do not like the font in pink above the other because it doesn't help in reading the company name.
  • be careful it is le tOUcan rose :)
  • And be careful it is: LE toucan rose ;)
  • For the font (I thought the word was police in english sorry for the misunderstood) I prefer a more simple one and in black or grey. For the pic of the logo it's a good idea you can have a gradation of full colour (rainbow) in one of your line.Make the eye and the beak of the tucan more simple and minimalist. Do not use too much green please.Make more reflects on your colour. Thanks!
  • Thank You for quick response and clarifying things for me. I have submitted a different approach but will work on the colors on the previous. dskwkrs
  • ok I like how you play with colours but to me it is enough if you just apply full colours to the beak for instance or the feathers. The rest must be minimalist. THe police is the type of writing text: it is too big for me. I prefer more minimalist stuff.
  • Hi and thanks for your logo but I don't really like the design and the police sorry.. It is not modern enough to me.
  • Hello Ch, I do believe that your brief comments that you also like a full colored version?... or has it changed.. Also could you fill me on more on what you mean by police? Thank You
  • You can try the eye in green and I just saw your modification of the beak but I prefer the superimposition of transparencies.
  • mmhhh actually like this it is not better.. Maybe because the rectangle is too thick, make it thinner, in black or grey gradation and the text above the rectangle in black or grey gradation as well. For the pink line added, make it thinner and inside the grey shape please. Thank you.
  • Maybe you can add as well light pink line on the right of you grey shape.
  • Hi, this logo is very nice. It's a good idea. Can you make it in a rectangle? With the text above? thanks
  • Hi, thanks for the logo but it is really too much for me. THe police is too much as well. I prefer more minimalist stuff.
  • I have another comment which is one idea of what could be my logo that maybe someone can try to do: I have the idea of the tucan standing up in a shape of rectangle. The design of the tucan is done with some feather showed by some lightly lines. The text "Le Toucan Rose" is above the rectangle in a minimalist police. I like effects on logos like reflects, light on colours, gradation...
  • Good job guys, I made some comments to your logo check it. I am waiting for your other logos! :)