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Winning design #64 by kwik, Logo Design for LEAD Academy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

LEAD Academy is a virtual business incubator offering services to Leaders & Entrepreneurs. LEAD is an acronym for: Leaders, Entrepreneurs And Development. Reference to our concept as an academy is due to the resources and tools that leaders & entrepreneurs will be able to access through membership for further education, personal and professional development. We would like to incorporate Red, White & Blue in our design. We have been leaning towards using a bullseye target or rocket ship in the design as well, but are open to variations. All designs will be rated and comments will be left for you to improve, if needed, to give all an equal opportunity.

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  • Checkout #10 with target behind looks smoother.......
  • Can you put this target on design 5?
  • NOW we are going places. I like it. Now thrilled with the black, but you may know something or have a reason for using it that I'm not aware of. Can you explain, if so?
    • the black color makes the words just standout more with contrast. I can play around with some color variations. etc. will upload soon

    • THANK YOU! I'd like to see some variation, even a navy blue would be ok, and making the blue in the target a little brighter and the target a hair bigger.

  • Any feedback on #3 would be great. used target and rocket outline
  • The shield, grad cap and the scrolling isn't the look we are going for.
  • Can you implement a bullseye target or rocket ship in the design?
  • I like this! Can you flip the loop and make it look more like an "A"?
    • Would you like me to flip the loop horizontally or vertically?

    • I was thinking that you could flip the direction in the A. Right now it looks like an O

    • Ok, I will make the shape more triangular and flip it. Would you prefer the cross-section at the top or bottom?

    • Top

  • Really need the loop to resemble an "A".
  • Can you make the blue more navy?
  • Hi Lacey, please see my design #35 , this is little tweaking from my design #22 . i hope you like thanks
  • if you need any changes/modifications font,color,gradient just let me know I'll be happy to do them....have a nice day...cheers:)
  • MISSnicki this is our choice. However, we would like chem stream from the rocket like design #61. We like the space of the stream across the A in #64 and the rocket in the space of the D. Thank you for all persistence. It did not go unnoticed. You have done a great job.