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Winning design #99 by amartego, Logo Design for Leadership Couples Contest
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designed by amartego

Project description

Hey there - We're a husband & wife team working with other husbands & wives! Our focus is on couples in business together and we're tackling the double-headed monster of marriage & business. Please take a look at our website (it's a work-in-progress) to see the flavor of what we're doing. Thank you so much for your efforts - we appreciate your artistic skill very much. Robert & Lori Exact name of logo: Leadership Couples Website address: http://www.leadershipcouples.com Tag line: husbands & wives leading meaningful lives Field of business: Marriage - leadership - business - peer advisory - consulting - learning Target clientele: Christian husbands & wives in business together Colors to use for the logo: Included but NOT limited to - green - #7dbb04 and dark blue - #11142d Content of Logo: Text and graphic together - OR - text only Style of graphic/icon: simple – strong - fluid What should come to mind when customers see the logo? – marriage & leadership Items which might be used to represent website: man & woman Font style possibilities: Both upper & lower case letters. Including but NOT limited to - Avent Garde Italic or Avant Garde BT Medium - see website Formats preferred: high resolution .jpg and .png

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  • Thank you for your design. I'd prefer an upper & lower case text font. The husband/wife icon seems to be standing alone - perhaps you could re-engineer it to be more incorporated? (sorry - I'm not an artist, so if what I'm asking for won't work, that's OK...) Thank you for your effort.
  • Thank you for your work - the icon is striking and catches my eye. Unfortunately, the suggested man/woman appear to be facing different directions and are bound together (not in a comfortable way) by the circle. It feels like they're trying to break free of each other... As a leadership couple, we choose to face the same direction and work together in a cause - so an icon that would illustrate that would be great. I DO like your style very much - it's really creative and though simple has great depth and a sense of movement! I'd prefer a different text font that includes upper and lower case lettering. Thank you for your work!
  • I do like the font on the "husbands & wives..." :-)
  • Attractive design, but I prefer your #2 design. Thank you! Would prefer a strong 'L' and have both the L and C the same color. (contrasting to the other letters)
  • Thank you for your work - it's not really the 'feel' I'm looking for. I do like how you've used the design to put together the 'h' and the 'l' I like how the two words are enmeshed. The hook above the words doesn't appeal to me at all.
  • Really like the green curve above the words. It feels strong yet fluid. Would like to see a stronger, more solid 'L' and have the L & C in the same color. Like the tag line in the lower curve, however I don't think it'll be large enough to read...
  • Hye Ch, Let me know what you think about my design #1 and if i can make some changes to it. if you don't like it tell me so i can come up with a totally diffrent design. Greets,
  • Dear CH, My new entries #25, 26. In #26, I changed the background color to match your website. Let me know if you like the design or you need to change anything. Thanks, Hongxia
  • Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately neither the icon (colors & style & shape - it feels too pointy like a burr) nor the text are appealing to us. This one is a no - sorry.
  • Any feedback for items #66 , #67 , #68 , #69 , #70 , #71 would be most welcome Thank you
  • Thank you for your design - we like the originality of the 'tag' - but it's not a direction we want to go in. Unfortunately the font for the text won't work - it reminds us of an Irish or Gaelic style, and won't fit with the fonts on the website. Thank you for your efforts.
  • Thank you for your design work - we appreciate your efforts. The icon is strong and the text is very clear. However, there's no fluidity or friendliness - no warmth. We need to go in a different direction. Thank you.
  • Thank you for your efforts - the design isn't what we're looking for.
  • Thank you for your design work. The fonts are good, however the icon won't work for us. It's difficult to identify the bride and groom, and we're focusing more on couples married for at least 2 or 3 years -not newly weds. This one is a no - sorry.
  • The icon in this one isn't for us at all. Thank you for your work.
  • Thank you for your work - don't care for the icon at all. This one is a no - sorry.
  • Dear CH, I would like to present my logo #41 which consists of a man and a woman coming together accompanied by the partial outline of a "heart". In the tag-line I wanted to make the "&" bold to get the idea of group effort. I uploaded #42 to show color variations, and the logo seems to fit well with the space allotted on your website. Please let me know what you think of my designs. Thank you, ThtKidRyan
  • About #25, Dear CH, I am happy that you like the design direction. Please let me know if you need to change anything. I will try to improve it as well. Thanks, Hongxia
  • The icon is attractive and intriguing. We like the different color for the "L" and the "C". Still discussing. Thank you for your design work!
  • The figures attached to the text feel really joyful - love it! We like the positioning of the text (over each other) Thank you.