LEAN4 ('FITNESS' as descriptive word – will be underneath)

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Project description

  • Fitness business with the focus on fat loss for busy professionals
  • I'm looking for a fitness logo with the lettering: "LEAN PARADIGM" with "FITNESS" underneath as the descriptive word
  • I'm looking for a high-end, contemporary logo.
  • Colours: looking for something that displays a high end and luxury look.

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  • Hi.. Dear @barriemayers1, please check , thanks regards! #1871
  • please check my design and i hope you give me feedback, sir #1870
  • LEAN #1862
  • Dear sir,, please check my design and give comment...thanks a lot before #1848
  • Though. It doesn't contain font that you suggested. But it contains meaning as fat loss #1845
  • It is one of logos which I suggest you. I has highlidhted the fatloss by giving 2 pictures of man. One as a fat and inner layer as a slim. It's indirectly shows that
  • The line in the Letter LPF symbolizes measurement :) #1834
  • This is my 2nd Lean Paradigm logo. Any feedback will be apreciated, thanks #1830
  • Hi, this is my concept. Any feedback will be apreciated, thanks #1816
  • Dear contest holder, please let me know if you would like to see revisions in any certain way! #1812
  • Hi CH @barriemayers1 Hope you like my concept. Thanks :) #1810 #1811 #1818
  • Hi Sir, How about this design? #1806
  • feedback please ; #1793
  • LP logo #1792
  • LP logo #1791
  • LP logo #1788
  • LP logo #1787
  • LP logo #1786
  • LP logo #1785