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Winning design #247 by friendnand, Logo Design for Leancon Contest
Gold Medal

designed by friendnand

Project description

Leancon is a residential renovation company. Our service offering are full renovation for kitchen, bathroom, basement; building new garage, architecture drawing. The logo should give a sense of studiness, establishment but yet modern & luxury. Lets have the logo with just "L" or "LC". I like the "beats Music" logo

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  • copy of existing logo: http://www.imbiancocasa.it/;http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/leancon/entry/17/
  • copy of existing design: http://www.hughesre.com/HRE%20LOGO%204-24-09.jpeg; http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/leancon/entry/16/
  • Hi CH, Submitting my design#63 for your perusal. cheers
  • Same concept as other designer: http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/leancon/entry/65/; http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/leancon/entry/92/
  • Dear CH, I submit my design #78,#79 , if you have any suggestions can be modified... Thanks
  • can you make the logo (the grey & green part) with 3-D effect?
    • Hi, thank you for your feedback. Kindly see the revised design with 3D.

  • I like the ring between both "N". But I don't like the font. Can you other more contemporary font? I don't like the dot in the "A"
  • I like the font and the direction. But I don't like the "wrench, faucet, brick" picture in the triangle. It gives image of handy man. Leancon is a full renovation & redevelopment company. Can you try different picture in the triangle?
  • I like the direction. But I don't like the "A" looks like a roof line. I like the A to be different.
  • 1. i like the direction you take but I don't like the font of the "LC" and leancon. Can you try with other font? 2. The black and white looks better then the one with green.
  • Instead of triangle, can you explore other shape that is more memorable?
  • I like the direction. But I wish the "L" is more eye cashing. Can you try couple more options of the "L". I am open mind for new color
  • dear ch please your feedback my entry #139 thanks
  • dear ch please your feedback my entry #138 thanks
  • I submit my design #97 ,#98 , please in the comments of my design
  • dear... please your feedback my entry #156 and comment my entry thanks
  • dear... please your feedback my entry #190 and comment my entry thanks
  • Only one design allowed per canvas!
  • I like the direction you take on #211, #210, #209, #206 & # 205. Can you make them on normal white non-textured background?
    • yes of course. I can only add 5 works. for additional add-ons you need to add me rating scores

    • just rated your work

  • Hello Ch, please preview my entires #200 #201 and please let me know your feed back. thanks...