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Winning design #149 by keyla, Logo Design for Legacy Vein & Vascular Contest
Gold Medal

designed by keyla

Project description

I need a logo for my medical practice.  We treat people with vascular problems.  I'd like something sleek, modern, and simple that incorperates a tree of life theme.  Many of our pts have circulation problems in their legs so if there is a way to incorporate that into the logo it would be great.

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  • Looks great! Nice work. Thanks
    • @wcfox27 can i improve my work somehow? Or you already pick a winner?

  • This is great! I love everything you've done!
    • Thank you, hopefully get a logo that suits you.


  • Added line and made the lower font darker. #150
  • This is very nice. I like the simplicity. Can you add a simple line between the font and make the second line a bit darker?
    • About #146, @wcfox27 Yes, sir!)

  • I really like this. Can you change the font to something more traditional? Also maybe soften the circle, and thin it out a bit.
  • I like it but could you straighten out the trunk a bit? Not quite so many curves. More subtle.
  • hi wcfox27, i just posted my entry #125 hope you like it thanks
  • I deciced to make a classy monochrome logo so it can be scaled down and still all the detail are visible. It also allows you to change color palette and adapt it to many situations (for example: logo will be black in fax documents). My design is based on one of the logos you mentioned in your preferences to the brief. The color is calm and attractive. Hope you like it. #146
  • About #145, please review and check
  • Can I see this one with a complete circle of blue and any way to incorporate a subtle human shape into the trunk?
    • Thank you for your feedback.
      I resubmit logo changes please review and check entry #143,
      let me know if you want a change in the color and shape of the logo,
      hopefully get a logo design that suits you.

      We are sorry my bad english


  • Legacy Vein & Vascular #142
  • Legacy Vein & Vascular #141
  • About #140 , Slightly changed roots and font, please check!
  • Hi!
    I have tried with different color scheme(blue & green). please provide me know your concern .
    Thanks. #132
  • About #120, @rsgkartick
    Please check my design as your advice.
  • Can I see one with the roots spread out more and the bottom level of text in grey?
    • About #89, @wcfox27
      Dear Sir;
      sure i am working on it
      Thanks for your advice

  • as this is what you want?
    I am waiting for input from you #110
  • Very good reproduction of the sketch but I've changed my vision a little bit. Can you spread out the roots instead of a central tap root. Make the trunk a bit narrower and lower the horizon a bit?
    • About #42, @wcfox27 how to color?
      I am waiting for input from you

  • Thank you very much Fox for your appreciations for my #54. If you have any directions / suggestions to make my designs better, please let me know #54
  • About #103, what do you think abous this one?.