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Winning design #206 by avo, Logo Design for Let It Be Cottage Contest
Gold Medal

designed by avo

Project description

I need a logo designed like the one attached of a bee intergrated into a flower.

I also need it to include the house name: Let It Be Cottage...

I would like to see a version in a script around the flower as if the bee wrote out in the way he flew. I would also like to see ones that are more simple...not in script.

flower to be the blue and the bee the honey color on a white background. cottage name can be in the blue...

Thank you!

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  • About #206, @avo thank you for making the adjustments. I like your original scale of the text. so let's keep it like it is in #206. I also like that golden color more than the brown. so, let's stick with that too. can you try a lavender color that works with that golden color - to replace the blue? thanks!
    • avo

      @Namaste Thanks for your comment. I will revise the logo # 206 by trying the lavender color that works with the golden one. But the contest has ended. So, how can I submit a repair logo? Or we can make improvements at the finalization stage after you choose the winner. I am waiting for your decision and ready to work for you. Thanks.

    • @avo hi avo. i selected you as the winner but it is not giving me that confirmation. do you see that on your end?

    • avo

      @Namaste Hi. I don't see confirmation that I have been chosen as the winner, Your contest was last 2 days ago. Can you choose a winner and we can continue the improvement and the next stage. Thanks.

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