Li-ion Tamer | A Product Line of Lithium Ion Battery Monitoring and Protection Equipment

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Project description

We need a creative logo symbolizing protection and security for this brand new line of lithium ion (li-ion) safety products.

The Li-ion Tamer product line revolves around monitoring lithium ion (li-ion) batteries and preventing lithium ion battery related accidents, such as battery fires or explosions.  This product line is integrated into larger battery systems that are used as an energy source, and is sold to the battery manufacturer or supplier (B2B).  This is not used in consumer electronics or automotive applications.

We need a logo that symbolizes protection and safety, since our products guard against lithium ion related accidents.  They are an added measure, much like a home security system or insurance, which are purchased for reassurance and peace of mind.  Those are the benefits we want the logo to reflect.  We do not want to use fear tactics or emphasize the danger associated with lithium ion batteries. 

The logo needs to be able to work at any scale, starting around .5” x .5” at the small end, and as large as is needed for a tradeshow banner on the large end. 

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  • Li-ion Tamer. Hi. I went for a completely different and unique design style, which I feel emphasizes the electronic/technical, and safety aspects of the product. Fully scalable Vector image file, no quality loss at any size from small end to large. Please contact me if you require further edits or options, thank you.
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  • kindly check my designs sir #184 #185 #186 #187 #188 #189 #190 #191 #192
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    Mane change, with heavier font used. #173
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    Mane detail simplified, If you need further changes please get in touch. #172
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    Hi, I had done this one before the mane change, its a fully shield, I can amend the mane on this one too if required. Thanks for the feedback, Cheers JEZ #171
  • We really like this one, but are worried about the details in the mane becoming the focal point when printed very small. Could you make the lines in the mane a little cleaner and space them out a bit? #118
    • jww

      About #118, @s_palenik ! hi thanks for the feedback, I will upload an amended version soon, are you happy with the font used? Many thanks again, Jez

  • Can you make this one without the gradient as well? #139
  • Hi, let me follow your contest. This is my first design for you, LT initial inside a shield, hope you like it. Thank you #129
    • @Walawalakim Love your design! You have a lot of talent. boruch hoffinger

  • Li-ion Tamer/Secure. Fully scalable Vector Image file, no quality loss at any size. #128
  • Li-ion Tamer: Secure. Fully scalable Vector Image file, no quality loss at any size. #126
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  • Li-ion Tamer: Fully scalable Vector Image file, no quality loss at any size. Please contact me if you require further edits, Fonts, colors or options, thank you. #104
  • Li-ion Tamer. Emphasizing authority, safety, protection and security. Fully scalable Vector Image file, no quality loss at any size. #101
  • unique And Simple #83
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