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Winning design #109 by PaintedPony, Logo Design for Liam's Garden Contest
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designed by PaintedPony

Project description

Logo design for a company I want to start that sells Garden Art that I craft from metal. I would like the logo to include the company name, Liam's Garden, and be such that it would look good on the website as well as when cut out of metal.

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  • Dear contest holder, I'm sorry but design contest forbids the communication between designers and clients outside of our site. You can discuss all in the comment section. You cannot exchange emails or give other personal info. Thanks.
  • I would like to see this one withe several other font options that are fun and whimsical!
    • funny 'cause i was already working on one with a new font. i can only submit three, this'll be my last one, i guess. it would be great to see the logo up in metal! hope to see some of your art some day. good luck Liam.

    • This is the first time I have used this site. I was not aware that you could only submit 3 designs. If I chose yours as the favorite, but am not totally satisfied with the font, would you be willing to submit several other variations to me via email?

    • It's okay... We are also new here. :) Anyway, the only way we can adjust the limits of submission are "ratings" :) the higher our entries got rated, the higher our chances of submitting too... :)

  • Here's entry #7. I played with the colors and come up with this one. Hope you like the "rainbow" touch in this garden... :)
    • That's cool. I like it better than your first one. I will rate it tomorrow when I am back at my computer, not my mobile. Any other ideas?

    • Sure :) Looking forward for newly fresh logos, but I have a limit of only 3 designs so I have to make the best out of it. Thank you! :)

  • Cool. I like it. A few other fonts would be nice.
  • Not thrilled with the colored background. I would prefer a white background
    • Glad that you tell that, and might as well tell us more about what you prefer for the our future logos... :) and BIG thank you for rating my entry! :)

    • This is a new company and I do not know what I prefer until I see it. Thank you for your submissions and I will rank the ones I like best highest. If you look at the higher ranked one, you will get ideas about what I am looking for.

  • I like the fact that I can take this design and cut it out of a piece of metal. The colors and font are better than the first one. Thank you.
  • Hello, CH! Can you tell us what name do you want to appear in your logo, like for example, your company name, or is it the "Liam's Garden" written above? Hope you could answer back. :) And by the way, if ever you have a certain color scheme in mind and wanna see something in particular, or if you want an specific style of the font, please point me in any direction you like. Thank you, and GOD Bless!
    • The name in the logo should be Liam's Garden. I do not have any pre conceived ideas for color or font. Blessings.

  • Thank you for your submission. I like the colors. Overall, I think it might be just a little to simple for my taste. I would like to see more of your ideas.
  • This is the first submission that I have seen. I like the direction. I am not a fan of the font. I would like to see a font that is more whimsical or playful. Like the green color but not the black. Thinking more pastels might work. Thank you.
  • Design #42 Hello Bob, here is your logo in a clean design and a whimsical font and a professional design. Colors can be changed, please let me know what you think, I added a black version so you can see how the logo can be look like in metal.
    • i really like the direction you are taking this. Thank you. I would enjoy seeing several other options you have along this line.

  • Please have a look at my design, #39. I would appreciate some feedback. Thank You
    • Thank you for participating in this contest. I think your first design would be difficult to show the color variation if I were just cutting it out of a flat piece of metal that were just left to rust. I am not planning on painting the metal art. I would like to see a few other ideas that you have.

  • This is pretty cool. I like that it could be cut out of metal!
    • Thank you! That is exactly what I had in mind. I could also incorporate some elements of your work. Is there any particular pattern you do? It would be useful to see some of your work.

  • I like the direction you are going. Thank you.
  • Dear Liam, Here are my first entries... #27, #28, #29 and #30. I have tried to come up with a design for you that will work on your website but can also be made with metal. #29 would be for the website as it has some effects added, and the others are all one piece (white space is cut out if you know what I mean). The website version can be any combo of colours and have any type of effect you would like. Let me know if you would like me to try anything else for you. Kind regards, Liz
    • Liz - Thank you. I think you are heading in the right direction. I am ranking the designs in the general order of what I think would work best for me. Please review your current placement and submit additional designs that you think might work for me and achieve a higher ranking for you. Regards, Bob

  • You are not allowed to use clip art/third party images in logo contest. Sorce: _
  • Hi CH. I just posted #48 for your consideration. I designed it so that it can be cut out of metal. I would appreciate any feedback- let me know if you would like to see any changes. Thanks!
    • Not exactly what I am lookinf gor. Look at how I have ranked the submissions and you will get a better idae of what I am looking for. I would like to see what else you might be thinking about.

    • I have posted a new submission for your logo contest, #56. Thank you!

  • I posted #50. These are the things I considered. 1. Logo for Liam's garden. Can be colored for print and web. 2. Shape such that it could be cut out of metal. 3. Impression of Earth(Globe) to show Metal Art as environment friendly, which it is. Please review and let me know what you think. Thank you.
    • Thank you for yout thoughfulness on this design. I like the direction you are going. I would like to see a little more detail than this. It just seam a little basic. Please share a few more ove your ideas with me.

  • Hi CH, I had submitted my design for your review, #52. Hope you like it and need your feedback to improve it. Thanks
    • Thank you for your submission. I like the design graphically. It is very clean and crisp. However, I am not sure what it would look like if I cut it out of metal. I would like to see several of your other ideas.

  • You are not allowed to use clip art/third party images in logo contests. Source: _
  • Your logo design is a copy of existing logo.Source: _