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Expected more participation based on the response we have received from other contest sites, but happy with our end design!


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Winning design #291 by jacondsign, Logo Design for Liberty Building ( Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jacondsign

Project description

Seeking a fresh new logo for our historic building.  We have refurbished the interior of the building with very modern design concepts with classic architecture.  We seek a modern yet classic design that shows where we reside in the heart of downtown Spokane, WA.  We are home to a variety of unique local merchants on our lower levels with office space on our upper levels. We would like elements to show our location surrounded by iconic landmarks or elements of the exterior of the building itself.
We would like to keep the font for the word Liberty cohesive with the other logos we are currently using (Attahced) and keep the colors in the black, white, crimson and gold theme.

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  • just tell me if you have something to change on this one,.. #305
  • Could we also see a horizontal version please #292
    • @cdeube by horizontal we mean a version that has the text to the side of the building instead of below.

    • @cdeube ,.. I understand now,..thank you! :)

  • B & W #304
  • We will also need a black & white version in the final #292
    • About #292, @cdeube ,.. ok I will make it right now,..

  • Please check this one,.is this the horizontal version?,.. I'm so sorry I confused,. #299
  • horizontal version,.. #298
  • Horizontal version,.. #297
  • Hello,
    Thank you for comment my design. Please check my update. Thank you #294
  • horizontal version #293
  • building and background slightly transparent #291
  • horizontal version #290
  • About #270, @jacondsign We will also need a horizontal version of the logo
    • About #270, @cdeube ok ..i will make some changes for this one.. thanks for keeping in touch.

  • About #270, @jacondsign Ok, I think we are going with this design but we do need a few changes. We need to see this without the word "Building" in gold (It doesn't print well). We would also like to see versions of this on a variety of backgrounds colors. We would also like to see a version that has the colors in the building and background slightly transparent.
  • About #282, @first Can we see this on white background please?
  • @ cdeube , color scheme #270
  • We like the variations you made in this on (The trees are slightly bigger, first floor windows lighted and line on the pavilion extended) but can we see this version in the gold color scheme. Word "Building" too light when printed in gold. #263
    • About #263, @cdeube I will change this right now,..

  • How about this windows on the first floor,.. #263
  • One possible variations would be to show the windows on the first floor as a different shade? Not sure if we will like that, but we would like to see that. #260
  • Liberty Building image according to the original shape in the form of a vector, it can be scaled down to business cards and unchanged. #261
  • This one is currently our favorite. Can we please see this on different colored backgrounds? #260