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Travel Agency specializing in romance travel, well-being travel,  destination weddings and Indian destination weddings.  I prefer a logo without the typical travel icons of planes, ships, luggage, palm trees, etc.  I am looking for something that exudes a feeling of luxury and romance with an exotic flair.  My tagline is "An Unforgettable Journey Awaits You" .  Please do the logo without .com  ---- Life Enhancing Travel

Thank you

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  • Here is the same logo I submitted, just a little lighter to keep it from getting lost in the background. #401
  • Hello! This is my solution to your Life Enhancing Travel logo request. I have kept it over all very sleek, modern and elegant, as you mentioned in the design brief. I put the logo in the background color of your website, as well as a white and a black background. I hope you like this design. I did not think a brand for romantic travels needed too much. The name is elegant as is, so just a touch of curvy lines and a smooth golden-like color applied to the logo enhance it as much as it needs, to make it pop out and grab attention. Let me know what you think. Thank you! #400
  • #393
  • need your feedback #392
  • Looks good...little darker gold please #376
  • Looks good...little darker gold please #376
  • Luxurious logo concept #382
  • About #369, @ujikmonsterkue Ok i will meet all your requests
  • here 's another variation #377
  • thanks for u support here is the change's hope u like it #376
  • About #341, @HajiSab can you change the font so it's easier to read? I like the exotic feel of the font but hard to read. Thanks
  • check, please... #370
  • pleas view my logo #369
  • Please check. #368
  • Hey @tammey, this is my design for your company. Please check it. Hope you like it. #365
  • LifeEnhancingTravel #364
  • Hi! here's the revision you asked #357
  • About #316, @jaydeesigns can you please change the background to white and make the tagline easier to read? Thank you
  • Simple Logo #356
  • updating text lens "gradient" #351