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Winning design #437 by HajiSab, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HajiSab

Project description

Travel Agency specializing in romance travel, well-being travel,  destination weddings and Indian destination weddings.  I prefer a logo without the typical travel icons of planes, ships, luggage, palm trees, etc.  I am looking for something that exudes a feeling of luxury and romance with an exotic flair.  My tagline is "An Unforgettable Journey Awaits You" .  Please do the logo without .com  ---- Life Enhancing Travel

Thank you

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  • sir please check it also with some modifications #430
  • please check it as per your requirment #429
  • My proposal design
    number 2 #428
  • My proposal design
    number 1 #427
  • Some feedback pls . . . #426
  • please guide me thank you #425
  • hi! here's the revision you asked. hope you like it! #424
  • please feedback my design :) #422
  • About #407, @Johnydli could you put this on a white background? Thanks
  • Can I see what it looks like with the circles and line on bottom removed and design moved down. Also please fill in the outlmine but leave negative space in the middle of the design. Thank you! #417
  • the logo i made represents a heart, crown and lotus flower. the heart represents the couples love for each other. the crown represents the triumph and legitimacy. finally, the lotus is the foremost symbol of beauty, prosperity and fertility. I made the logo not too much going on. Clean and luxurious. #417
  • hi! i made the logo less crowded and a lot simple. it's the same style but lot cleaner :) what do you think? i'll be also submitting different designs later for you to choose from. thanks! #415
  • I send an example of a logo design with two options. thank you #414
  • About #404, @sajgop you forgot the word Travel in the logo
    • Hi, I am very sorry. Submitted the revised design with Travel. Feedback please. Thank you.

    • Hi, I am very sorry. Submitted the revised design with Travel. Feedback please. Thank you.

    • Hi, I am very sorry. Submitted the revised design with Travel. Feedback please. Thank you.

  • i hope you like it
  • this my design..i hope like you thanks #409
  • Here is the same logo I submitted, just a little lighter to keep it from getting lost in the background. #401
  • Hello! This is my solution to your Life Enhancing Travel logo request. I have kept it over all very sleek, modern and elegant, as you mentioned in the design brief. I put the logo in the background color of your website, as well as a white and a black background. I hope you like this design. I did not think a brand for romantic travels needed too much. The name is elegant as is, so just a touch of curvy lines and a smooth golden-like color applied to the logo enhance it as much as it needs, to make it pop out and grab attention. Let me know what you think. Thank you! #400
  • #393
  • need your feedback #392