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Winning design #355 by bams_art31, Logo Design for Lift Automotive Inc.  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bams_art31

Project description

We are seeking a logo for our new company. Lift Automotive sells used vehicles. We primarily specialize in commercial vehicle sales but we will also be selling some toys like lifted pickup trucks/jeeps and luxury cars. We are really wanting a logo that is innovative and unforgettable. Thank you for reviewing our contest! 

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  • Can you please change red to a brighter red and gray to white? #551
    • muf

      @ andrew16 ,
      thank you for your feedback.

      well, i will do it

  • please check, thanks CH #587
  • muf
    new #555
    • muf

      hi CH , Please feedback for my revision, thank you

  • I wish as your hope design :-) #579
  • Hi, Dear

    Please check my concept and hope you like it... if you need changes anything please let me know. Thank's very much

    Regards of me
    LogoPol17 #576
  • please check.. thank you #567
  • muf
    please check new revision color white and red, thanks #551
  • please check, thanks for feedback #517
  • please check my revision, thanks for feedback #516
  • Please check,thank you. #514
  • Please see uploaded picture. We like how the " I" is in this version. #459
  • Please remove the connection between the bottom and top of the "I". I will upload a image for an example. #448
  • Can you move the needle up a little and bring a little of the left side of the T back? #468
  • can you please change the light green to white? Also can we see this head on not at an angle? #465
  • please check and comment, thanks #498
  • please check and comment, thanks #497
  • please check and comment, thanks #496
  • About #477, @andrew16, I'm Sorry if this entry out of your expectation. I Just try to visualize the word of innovative and unforgettable logo on your brief. you may eliminate this entry if you dont like. Thank you.
  • I like where you are going with this! Especially how the above meter ends into the T. Not to sure about the needle though. #437
  • Can you change the look of the needle and move over to the left a little so that it is above the "i" #427