Light Rock Pop Duet (male&female) needs Logo - looking for elegant, posh, fashionable style pop design

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Winning design #176 by nestorsalazar, Logo Design for Light Rock Pop Duet (male&female) needs Logo - looking for elegant, posh, fashionable style pop design Contest
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designed by nestorsalazar

Project description

Cool music, romantic, modern, light rock ... pop Elegant, fashionable, posh music...

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  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Background not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • This design was created using one color. This will make it easy to be print on T-Shirts, stickers, etc. Thanks!
  • I have submitted another design for consideration. The black design inside the heart is meant to represent black veins. I hope you like it better than my last design.
  • I thought #34 and #35 might look good with some color too so I did one in purple gradients with #38.
  • I've posted my first for this contest. #37 . The design is a metallic heart with a metallic shield behind it. The background is part of the overall design with the white to light red gradient with against the harsh black making it vibrant to catch the eyes of people. #39 is the same design with capital letters.
  • I tried it in blue with #30. If there's any other colors or changes you'd want made, let me know.
  • #29 is lightened up quite a bit. Is there any other color you'd like to see? I'm going to upload one in blue just to see how it looks.
  • I would like to see #23 not too dark
  • Please use capital letters...
  • Dear CH, About #14 its same as #13 only fixed few thing. Sorry
  • sorry opload mistake: nr #12 is correct! Many thanks
  • I understand you are looking for a certain pattern. However, I have tried something totally different. I'm not sure if you like it, but it is a different thought. Birds represent sound and love. Thanks for your patience.
  • Check out this link, I would love something like that...
  • can be like a coat of arms...
  • I need something more powerful and elegant...
  • Please remember that this is a Rock Band... I need a little bit harder logo... not too corny.
  • Would be nice to listen your music before creating it to know what to do... maybe it's not possible for you to provide myspace link regarding designcontest pilicies.
  • Same idea than previous logo but with a different typography usage.
  • i made another version of #94 i made the heart red.. hope you like it