Lighting Rods C.C.

I was not for sure what to expect at first but when the first designs started coming in I knew I made the right decision. I am very pleased.

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This is a hot rod car club. We are from Houston Texas. i might want that included in the design. It might be written such as Houston TX, or just Houston, or possibly just Texas. I like the looks of old style pinstripes which may or may not go well with the design. I want the lighting bolts with the pistons in the design for sure. I like the style of World War II airplane nose art minus the ladys. I also like art deco style.

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  • I like the use of 2 colors. I don't like the banner.
    • Hi there i got rid of the banner and uploaded 2 variations. Please check #47 and #48. Regards Andrei

  • Hello. I have submitted designs #31 #32 and #33. #32 is the same as #31, but with the correct spelling. #33 is a yellow and black version. I used the drawing you provided as inspiration. The design also works well on any colored background. Please let me know if you'd like to see any changes. Thank you.
  • Great font. I'm not for sure I like the lightning bolt going through the piston and I may like the piston rotated a little.
    • Thank you :) okay i try to revising the design at the piston and bolt. thanks for the rating and feedback

  • Dear ch.. i have submit entry #25 please check. i hope you like. thanks before
  • The general concept is ok. I dont like the flames, and the checker flag look.
  • Hi With my two proposals, #18 and #19 i aimed to give you a classic American look and feel, with styling of old school logos of custom builders/garages/even plane hood graphics. Simple yet strong graphics, two colors for cost effective gear print. Each logo is uploaded with "clean" look at the left and "aged" at the right. Feedback is appreciated. Regards Andrei
  • Hi CH, Please find my latest entry #16. Can you also confirm you have moved away from your initial brief of vintage war style logo to a more modern slick style? Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • I do like the vintage war style but I am not close minded to other styles.

  • I like this font and placement but not the colors of the text. I want a white background also. What would it look like with a little bigger piston. The spelling of the club is Lightning Rods.
    • Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the ratings...=) Submitted #14 for the revision, the piston is slightly bigger here with .. I darkened the outlines of the lightening rods because it doesn't blend well with white background. By the way, you can eliminate my unrated designs... =)

  • It seems a little too busy. I dont like the flame under the piston.
  • I like the font. Not for sure I like the fading on the words.
  • I like where you are going. I never thought of that design but I like it. The piston in the center is upside down and I would like C.C. included also.
    • Thanks... I was thinking of air force theme. Submitted #10. Let me know what you think... How about the font?

  • I made a mistake on the spelling of Lightning instead of Lighting it should be Lightning. Sorry for the mistake.
    • I think it's "Lightening"... Thanks for the rating...

  • Hi CH, I read your brief and style and produced entry #4 and a more vintage/retro style #5. Colours can be changed upon request. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Fostershay : what you think about #57 and #60 ! Thank you! Best regards!
  • I would like to see this one with some shading like #43. Or maybe a different color shield such as blue.
  • I like the vintage look just not the placement of the lightning bolts under the piston.
  • I like the look of the single piston with the lightning bolt.
  • The hexagon in the middle doesn't match to me.
  • Too much black.
    • Hi CH, How about these #40, #41. Further comments greatfully accepted. Regards SJK

  • I like the shield but the black in the middle makes the piston hard to see.