Lightning Garage

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Winning design #132 by Dongerz, Logo Design for Lightning Garage Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dongerz

Project description is a forum community for enthusiasts of Ford SVT F-150 Lightning pickup trucks. Most of the owners of these trucks are into performance vehicles and modify the trucks to make them faster. As the garage in our name implies, the community revolves around those who do their own work and turn wrenches as a hobby, so we can share expertise and help everyone build their "perfect: truck. is being featured in a magazine, which requires I turn in my logo in a high-resolution format by sunday night - my current MS Paint masterpiece won't cut it anymore, I need a real logo which can serve as the basis for further design changes and updates around that theme going forward. Attached are two high-resolution images of the Lightning Truck for use in silhouette/line drawings, as well as a couple of other logos I liked. I like blues and silvers as colors, as well as black, and blocky/bubble lettering.

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  • Hello CH #16 is up for feedback. Regards xitoxic
  • Hello! About #23 Sorry about the wrong spelling, I will upload the correct version :) I'll wait for your review. Thank you! Vanessa
  • the truck in the picture is a dodge, the users of the website would realize it quickly
  • wrong model truck
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #3 for your review... thank you, DM
  • Vulgar and completely inappropriate!
  • Dear CH, Pls check my design entry #69, #70 & #71. The fonts used was customized for Lighting Garage, its original. I hope you like it. Thank you! Best Regards, Finestroke
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #66 and any feedback is gladly welcome. Thank You Z
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #64 as a cleaner version more suitable for printing or sewing on clothes.... DM
  • Wrong truck model. A Cleaner badge style may work.
  • Regarding my entry, #57, I made it more modern and minimal. Thanks, Mara
  • I hope you like my entry, #56. I patterned it after the Ford emblem and grill on the front of the truck. Thanks, Mara
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #51 and #53 with different font styles.... thank you, DM
  • Just entered #52 but realised it's 'garage' not 'trucks'... duh!! Sorry, will start again!! Liz : )
  • I do not own the examples attached. I do own all the images on these folders and those may be used. A couple general comments based on what I have seen so far: Please try and keep the designs such that they can be replicated in decals, shirts, etc.. without needing extensive changes Also, be sure that the silhoutte of a truck, if being used, is that of a 1999-2003 lightning, as in the example photos, the users of the site are car nuts and will recognize a picture which is not a lightning.
  • logos are required ot be 100% vector, this is not a vector design
  • Designers you can't trace an image not owned. You can use for reference but you can't use the photo as traced in in outline form or any other form, you have to create the design on your own. Do not trace the images, you can use as reference only If you find your design is missing it is because you have traced the photos in the brief. The photos in the brief have strict guidelines for usage The photos has to be owned either by you or the contestholder.
  • Dear CH, do you own attached pictures in the Brief?
  • Can you maybe make this design with just a lightning bolt instead of the combination bolt/wrench, put "lightning garage" bigger in two lines and move the .com to the side, without the vertical lines?
  • could the crossed lightning wrenches at the bottom be a lightning bolt on one and a wrench on the other? (since there are 2 elements they don't need to be combined)