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Winning design #198 by SleepingFox, Logo Design for LilySpeech Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SleepingFox

Project description

This is a logo for speech recognition software (speech to text). It allows you to dictate emails documents and more.

Looking for a fairly minimalistic, simple and timeless design. 

Hopefully it can convey speech or audio or dictation somehow within the logo.

***NOTE: Please don't submit your design superimposed on business cards or as a sign. I need to see what the designs will look like on the web.

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  • hello,,please checked my proposal,thank you #278
  • Hello
    how about my design?
    please feedback for better results
    greetings and thank you very much
    regards #234
  • Hello! I submit another design here. In this design I made a logo which is the combination of letter L and S and inside this I used the icon of speaker that convey the massage that the company is related with something like talking related. Hope you like it. Thank you. #219
  • Symbol logo is a description of the L and S which represents the name of lilyspeech, please comment my design, hope can help you. thanks. #206
  • In the design I made the logo using the letter S and L which represented the first letter of each word Lily and Speech. Again, inside the logo I showed a microphone which actually represented that it's related with inputting speech. #200
  • Can you make a version of this where one side is the speech bubble, and the other side is a text icon? Right now the icon looks like two people chatting together. What we want is one person talking and text coming out.

    I ask because I do like the logo and I'm hoping to see another version :-) #86
  • Slight variation of my prior submission. #190
  • simple and elegant..thank you sir #181
  • please feedback #172
  • Hoping for your feedback, CH. #168
  • its a minimalistic logo #159
  • Here is my proposal for your logo. I wanted to take a creative approach to the logo and this is what I came up with. A little backstory behind the logo and the elements are as followed: I went with a whale as the logo because of their cognitive, vocal, and social skills which translate nicely to your projects function. Not only is the logo a whale, but I also strategically placed a speech bubble in the logo to further portray your projects function. Lastly, The grooves you see not only show the anatomy of a whale but also double as the signage/visual of volume and dictation, which is a main aspect of your project. Thank you for taking the time to reading the backstory of my submission and any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! #156