Lin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Project description

Plastic Surgery practice.  Target audience/patients: want to appear affordable but also luxurious.  Specializes mostly in body contour procedures (liposuction of abdomen, butt lifts, breast lifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks).  Majority(95%) of my patients or target patients are female.

What i'm looking for a logo.  I want a logo with with a picture/design/silhouette  on the left of either a face or body, but abstract.  I do NOT want something that is just a pure silhouette of a face or body.  Also, would be great if there that face/body was outlined by some type of circular design.  Then on the right, i would like the name of the practice (Lin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) to be there.  Font should convey professionalism.  No cursive fonts please.  

Previously I had asked for the incorporation of a crown.  This is not necessary any more.  IF you have a great idea with a crown, please feel free to include that also, but i may ask in comments how it would look without the crown.  

Colors: Would like softer colors of blue, purple, or black.  Does not have to incorporate all three colors.  Also, designers can use their own discretion with colors.  

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  • @hollander I've extended the contest. Many friends have liked your submission. Anyway you can do this without the crown? Maybe some abstract long hair to represent a woman? Also, I like design formats like the designer Maximodesigner (has multiple submissions in this contest) where there is a logo/design on the left that is encircled by some circular design, then the name of the practice on the right. I would like to see your design where the gold figure is not completely integrated into the "LIN". Looking forward to what you can come up with #107
    • @kpylin Thanks for the feedback. Please check #157 #158 #159

  • without the trace of the middle of the silhouette #155
  • Other silhouette #154
  • without the crown #151
  • See with different silhouette #150
  • actually some good feedback from friends regarding this logo. Something that i do worry about, if i were to make business cards, would the crown come out as a crown in such a small print? Anyway i can see this logo without the crown over the I? #111
    • Hi, the Contest has expired, so I can send the logo without the crown for you to evaluate. You need to extend the contest for another 1 day. or choose my logo as the winner and then send you the finalization adjustments.

    • @Maximodesigner I extended the contest. Is there anyway you can come up with a silhouette of the body within the circle to look more abstract? I feel that the body is too realistic and want something more abstract. Maybe more thicker lines too? I'm worried that something like this with the thin lines of silhouette will not be printed well.

  • I hope you like it #141
  • How about this Sir #133
    This is revise from 114
    The font more character
  • Like this sir ? #129
  • like this? #126
  • want a more abstract silhouette. not so specific. Also, i prefer all letters to be capital letters #125
  • I hope you like it sir #72
    • @bkarts I think the silhouette within the I looks good, but want a more abstract silhouette

  • In this design I tried to capture the beauty of the female body and its delicacy pairing it with a handwritten cursive font. #82
    • @SofiaR i wish for a silhouette that is just slightly more abstract. Also, I think i'm moving away from the crown in the silhouette as i think it confuses readers. Also, don't like cursive font

  • too simple and looking for all letters to be capitalized
  • I feel it reads too much like L N; i understand the creativity of the I and the silhouette, but not sure if that comes acrross #98
  • sorry, i don't really like the font and the logo is very abstract #103
  • I like the color and the actual circular logo. The font, i wish had more character, and not just block letters #114
  • I think this is an interesting idea. Anyway can do it with only a circle without the sharp edges? Also, i wish the font was more professional #116
  • don't like the cursive font #117
  • with this crown, looks too much like the statue of liberty #123