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Winning design #107 by hollander, Logo Design for Lin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Contest
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designed by hollander

Project description

Plastic Surgery practice.  Target audience/patients: want to appear affordable but also luxurious.  Specializes mostly in body contour procedures (liposuction of abdomen, butt lifts, breast lifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks).  Majority(95%) of my patients or target patients are female.

What i'm looking for a logo.  I want a logo with with a picture/design/silhouette  on the left of either a face or body, but abstract.  I do NOT want something that is just a pure silhouette of a face or body.  Also, would be great if there that face/body was outlined by some type of circular design.  Then on the right, i would like the name of the practice (Lin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) to be there.  Font should convey professionalism.  No cursive fonts please.  

Previously I had asked for the incorporation of a crown.  This is not necessary any more.  IF you have a great idea with a crown, please feel free to include that also, but i may ask in comments how it would look without the crown.  

Colors: Would like softer colors of blue, purple, or black.  Does not have to incorporate all three colors.  Also, designers can use their own discretion with colors.  

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  • Dear CH, thanks for the feedback, here my another submission. #236
  • although creative, i think logo has unusual proportions #214
    • @kpylin Would you like to see it a little more proportioned? I tried to stay more in an abstract representation, simple and clean, highlighting the areas that were outlined in the brief.

  • silhouette is too realistic. Also don't need a crown #202
  • not sure what the leaf represents, but it actually is easy on the eye. Will consider #195
  • silhouette is too realistic #197
  • Logo doesn't represent plastic surgery. #207
  • too simple and don't really like the profile. Don't need the crown #210
  • a good look, but the logo seems like a stock logo #212
  • creative logo. Thanks, will consider #213
  • don't want a lotus flower for a logo #215
  • not sure what this logo represents #217
  • having difficulty seeing what the logo represents. #218
  • thanks, i do like the logo and the colors, but the logo looks like a stock logo that i see a lot of other plastic surgery practices use #219
  • I changed up this entry a little. I removed the background, just simple and clean. Let me know if you would like to see any changes. #214
  • Here`s a different version of the previous one. #210
  • Hope you like it. Any feedbacks? #209
  • Calm, clean #207
  • Lin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (I give you all files) #206
  • Creative, constructive #205
  • Natural, Bold #204