Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church

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Project description

We are in search of a new logo that captures our identity to be used on letterhead, signs, publications, and websites. The cross is not a primary symbol for us. We are also not interested in an image of a building that is not our church

About Us: We are a progressive congregation with a strong commitment to social justice.  We are housed in an historic church in urban Chicago. Our spiritually alive, diverse congregation provides a place, where everyone is welcome (including dogs). Intimate. Relevant. Meaningful. Quirky and fun.
Our Mission: We are committed to creating a movement for compassion; we are committed to being an anti-racist institution; we are committed to LGBTQ advocacy and equity; we are committed to being a church in the City and for the City.  We have a 24/7 full service shelter for people experiencing homelessness that shares space with us.  

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  • Check my proposal please #91
  • Simple. The underlying message from the rainbow-colored ribbon is compassion and acceptance, which I've been trying to show in every image I've put together. I welcome your feedback. #89
  • Here's another "rainbow" idea, symbolizing a bridge of faith and love. #88

  • Check my proposal please #84
  • raa
    Another color option for your consideration. Open to other suggestions. Thanks for the feedback. #82
  • Hi CH, how about my concept?
    thank you. #76
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please check this one, hope you like this. Thanks #73
  • This is Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church logo design. #72
  • This is Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church logo design. #71
  • in this design, i'm using doves "symbol of Peace" #69
  • Design part 2 #6
    • @Allstudion I like that it is simple. We need to include "Presbyterian Church" in the name. Lincoln Park is the name of a neighborhood.

    • @johnbonni Ok, Thanks for feedbck : )

  • Hi.. this is my design.. please check and tell me something about this..
    #thanks #31
    • @BaguzWay Thank you for your design. We are not interested in a design that includes a building.

  • Check my proposal please

    Terima Kasih
    • @aidar1 I like that you included the second line "living in faith..."! The format is too similar to an official seal. We are looking for something more interesting.

  • The idea in this logo is that everyone should come to the church for peace of mind and salvation. Hope you will like it. Awaiting your response. More work can be done on request. #54
    • @creator147 I agree that everyone should come to our church for peace of mind. We are not interested in the Cross as a primary symbol.

  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #33
    • @raa Nice! Although, the colors are too similar to the FedEx logo

  • please check it and feedback #47
    • @artmarque41504 The font is too playful.

  • please check it and feedback #49
    • @artmarque41504 The man looks like a crucifixion - which is not a reference we are interested in.

  • Please feedback #52
    • @fourpixel Nice, but too similar to an official seal. We are looking for something more open and engaging

  • Dear Contest Holder, Hope you like this proposal. Please let me know if you want any change. Thanks #55
    • @mithunpopey Elegant! We may be interested in something that captures our identity. Perhaps the window could be filled with multicolors to represent the diversity of our group.

  • Hi! This is my entry number 2, Open for any comment and suggestion for better input thanks #60
    • @PaulPascual1996 We are not interested in images of buildings that are not our church.