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Winning design #190 by Yahoooooo, Logo Design for Linux IT Consultancy needs a logo! Contest
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designed by Yahoooooo

Project description

We need a clean, simple and professional logo designed for our company. I am open to ideas and havent got any colours, or logos in mind. Hope someone has some good ideas!

We are looking for a logo that has a strong brand presence and fits in the technology space. Also if you have any tag line ideas, feel free to add them :)

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  • Dear CH, revised version of #68, solutions dropped, a little color change. ready to make any changes. Thanks and good luck
  • #74, you are correct my mouse is going a bit nuts on me lol..... You do not care for the look otherwise?
  • can you drop the solutions please
  • Can you try a blue and dark grey combination please?
  • really doesnt look very professional
  • doesnt look very professional
  • like this logo a lot, can you just change the systems font to something a bit bigger and bolder?
  • not a great icon as it doesnt align correctly.
  • Can we try some blue and grey colours. Also can you space the systems out like #31?
  • Dear CH, Here is revised more professional version of #24 you loved Good luck and thanks
  • Thanks for your feedback. I have kept the same 'system' style font and linux colour scheme, but changed the icon. Let me know if you want to try different colours or fonts. Cheers, Liz.
  • Hi, I really like this logo, could you maybe try a thicker different font for the text and space out the systems accross the bottom of the Intermode text like number 5 please?
  • Hi, I like this logo, could you make it flat colours though please?
  • Dear CH, I have submitted this design for your consideration. Sorry for the typo on “systems” I can correct that.
  • too many colours
  • Looks good :) ok 2 last things, can you get rid of the linux consultancy bit at the bottom and space out the systems like Logo Number 5 and you are the front runner.
  • Thanks for the feedback, here's the flat colour version you asked for. Sorry about the tagline cutoff at the bottom.
  • Thanks for the submission, but I'm not sure what a water drop has to do with IT or linux :)
  • Thanks for the entry, but it needs to look more professional, less colours...
  • I like the idea, but you have chosen one of my least favourite linux distros :)