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Winning design #62 by Olive, Logo Design for Lisa Novak Jeweler Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Olive

Project description

I design custom high end jewelry. I need a logo that is class and represents that the jewelry is made to order and unique. Also, that it is high quality and will last a lifetime. Would love to see something incorporate sketches like in the attachment. Especially if it could be a sketch of an eternity band... That way it shows part of the process... Also included a file of a picture of a ring I have done.

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  • thanks lisa for your wonderful comment on my design... here is my revision of #7.... in #27... regards.
  • Dear CH, I will post later what you requested about my design
  • #22 is redesign of #18 !!! BE MORE CREATIVE ! BE YOURSELF !
  • Dear CH, Here are my design artworks #23 #22. I also included the ring as you requested but i traced it not too closed to the original one.This ring is scalable in any size..Hope you like it.. Thanks..
  • Would love to see someone incorporate one of the sketches.. Maybe with the look like my name is sketched out also.
  • same feedback as black one.. Think I like this coloring better.
  • Too much going on.. The N in the design looks like a z, which makes me think of cubic zerconia which is a fake diamond.. Not a great association for a jeweler. Think I would like it better if the design on top was smaller.
  • Much better use of color.. :) Love the font. Classy.
  • same feedback as #18.. I think on this one the ring should be smaller.. Different font for my name...
  • The two rings on top should be different, as part of the benefit of working with me is no item is the same. Maybe the one on top could be a eternity band with diamonds all the way around. I just did one where it was a round diamond, then a rectangle, then a round, etc. I also don't love the font that is used for my name.
  • Don't love the top design, but otherwise is nice.
  • Don't like the open A, even though it goes nicely with the V.
  • Like that it is geometric, but would rather have it be more descriptive of what I do.
  • Looks too much like a logo of another local business
  • Hi, I'm from Brazil My entry #10 My intention was to develop a logo minimalist and luxurious. Facilitates the application of the logo on any type of material and the surface. wait feedback Thank yout
  • Love that you incorporate my picture. May make it a bit smaller, so my name is more noticeable. Maybe make the diamonds look more like diamonds instead of flowers...
  • Like the idea of this.. even though I chose the colors, maybe it is the light blue that is throwing me off...
  • I like this.. Maybe the entire o could be a ring.
  • Don't like the lines on top of my name.. Too loopy.
  • Name is spelled Novak, not Norvak. I think there is to much going on in this logo