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Winning design #41 by mersina, Logo Design for Little Black Booth - Photo booth Rental Company Contest
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designed by mersina

Project description

We need a logo designed for our new photo booth rental company. I want our logo to fit our photo booth. We named our company Little Black Booth because the name fits the stylishness we want to emphasize. Our tagline is: "A photo booth so stylish it goes with any event." We are trying to emphasize the elegance of the booth as a selling point. Similarly to a little black dress; our booth will fit in with any decor and should be staple at any event. Our booth has a really unique design - please refer to the attached picture. It’s very modern and chic and will fit with any event ranging from an elegant wedding to a birthday party. I do not have any specific design ideas. I am open to anything, although I was thinking about the our name (or initials) with a picture of a photo booth that somewhat (artistically) resembles a dress. Black is a color I would like incorporated into the design. The other colors below are suggestions. I want our logo to evoke a feeling of sophistication, style, class, and professionalism. Just remember the key thing I am looking for is modernness and chicness. Thanks in advance & good luck!! Update!! After further research I am requesting that the LOGO incorporate- Name (Little Black Booths) + Pictorial element, shape, symbol or emblem design integrated within or I am also interested in a Frame around our name with a whimsical element. BACKGROUND COLOR - transparent, no back ground color Please check out the picture of the photo booth for inspiration.

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  • Very hard to read from a distance.
  • I really like how you incorporated the "dress" idea into our name. It feels like you get what we're going for. Could the font be adjusted to a slightly more readable one? Also I'd like to see the camera removed from the logo - too much black. Could you explore some different framing options. Maybe one with just the inner circle.
  • I really like this design, but I need it to be slightly fancier (for lack of a better word). Could you change the "little" to a pink color? I would also like to explore cursive fonts. I need the font to be clear & readable. Thank you!!
  • I think a pop of color would help the designs. Black & white are always good but another color might add a little playfulness to the logo. I also would like to see an image added with my company's name to compare.
  • Could another color be added? The font is nice but a little hard to read from a distance.
  • I like the elegance of the font, however it is a little hard to read. I need something that would be clear from a distance.
  • The font is not what I'm looking for on this entry. It is just a little too plain.
  • This reminds me of an old fashion Movie Logo. It's nice but not quite what I'm looking for.
  • Hello CH, I've uploaded entry #11, where the logomark is the shape of the photobooth, which is rather unique, formed by piece of film strip, to help clear up what it is. I drew the gap/entryway to the booth in the shape of a dress, as you requested. Went for a readable vintage cursive for the font. Hope you like it. Thanks.
    • Thanks, it's really good! I honestly don't have any critiques. Could you explore some different color options just so I can see the difference?

    • Hi there, Thanks for the feedback. I've uploaded entry #14 in a peach color, which I've outlined a bit where it appears, in order to bring it out. I also took the chance to use a tagline instead of a tradeline, just so you could see the option. I hope you don't mind I've shortened the tagline a bit. Hope you like it. I'm happy to make as many changes as you'd like, so don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.

    • I've added some additional color variants in entry #15.

  • could you please write little black booth,the same way you did in #11. thanks
    • I've uploaded entry #36 using the text "Little Black Booth", from #11. Hope this is an improvement. Thank you.

  • I'm just curious to see how this entry would look if you made the booth little bit bigger (not too big), and if you could incorporate a film strip into this picture (how you see fit). And can continue the pink line on the other side and the bottom, the same way you did it on the left side.
  • Dear contest holder, Thank you for the feedback. as you requested here is my revision #32 , #33 , new one #34
  • I think your original color works the best! I do like the variations (ie. circle & banner) you added in #29
    • I've uploaded #30 and #31 with the original color. They differ in the font used in "Little Black Booth", so that you pick your favorite.

  • This is a very clean and professional design. I don't really have any critiques. I would like to other ideas you may have. Perhaps something with a bit more flair
  • Could the "Little Black Booth" logo be done the same way it was done on #11? Basically without the two tone colors.
    • I've uploaded #29 where I've left out the padding around the text. I made it all black as well, as the pink was a bit soft on its own. Also, I made the text a bit larger, to strengthen it up as well.

  • We really like this design. Could the feather on the "Black" from entry #28 be added to this entry? Also could you add the pink frame lines to all sides like #18
  • Hello! Would you like to see any changes made to #24?
  • very nice...
  • I really like this design, but I need it a slightly fancier (for lack of a better word) booth.
  • how about a different theme around the booth.
    • Hi again. I've entered #57 with the changes for you. The theme around the booth now has a better shape and looks more feather like. I have also moved it slightly to make the booth and lettering central as well as putting sparkles on the lettering to carry through the glamorous look. Feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you