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Winning design #29 by rosario2020, Logo Design for Little Delights {in a jar} Contest
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designed by rosario2020

Project description

I make homemade desserts in tiny mason jars and sell them. My desserts range in variety from cakes and pies to decadent creme brulee. The thing that makes my business different from just another cupcake shop, is the jars. The desserts are baked directly in mason jars and they come with the purchase. I would like that element highlighted in the logo somehow.

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  • Thank you for both of your submissions! I really like how you've laid the logo out, however, to me, the images of the jars aren't working well with it. I think more of a cartoony looking dessert - more generic looking, would work better for me. I will always be working to add more varieties of desserts to my shop, so I don't want to limit myself with those three desserts (and their titles) on my logo. I'll eventually get into doing cupcakes, bars and other treats in jars as I get more experience.
    • I gave it another shot with a logo that leaves the possibilities open. Hope you like it!

  • Thank you so much for you submission!! I absolutely love your design, I think you really hit home to what I was going for.
    • Thanks so much! We have a lot of mason jars around our home, so when I saw this I knew I had to give it a shot! It was a really fun one to work on. Glad you like it.

  • Hi stacyalittle, could you send us an image of the jar or some of your most special desserts?
    • Sure - I've uploaded a few different images that I have to the Brief. You can check them out there.

  • #16 - Hi Stacy, this design is completely different from all the others you've seen. I'm really interested in hearing specific feedback that you'd like me to try with any of the designs I've submitted so far. Thank you for promptly ranking designs! It is a big help for us to see what you like so far and what you don't.
    • Hi - did you see my feedback re: your #8 submission? The more I look at it the more I'm liking it. Just wondering if you saw the feedback and wanted to give it a few tweaks based on my feedback.

    • Working on those revisions for #8 and will be submitting them to you!Thank you for the detailed feedback :)

    • I've made #25 and #26 to show you some different options for #8. I'd be happy to change colors, remove/add items to any of these designs if there are elements you like from each. Thanks again-

    • Really like what you've done - the spoons are a nice touch! Could you put pink around the border onto #25 like you've got in #26?

    • I've uploaded #36 with the requested change! If there are any other edits you'd like me to try, I'd be happy to do so. Thanks again.

    • I've just uploaded #37 that combines both #25 & #26 allowing the jars to be a bit bigger and fit with the text more closely.

  • Design #24 Hello Stacy, glad you like my design, how can I make it perfect for you?
  • I think this has potential. My initial reaction was that the contents of the jar make it look similar to an ice cream cone or a cup of coffee. Is there a way to make the contents look more like warm, home baked, delicious dessert?
    • Hi, i uploaded a revision based on your comments to make it look more like your Chocolate Lava Cake, hope you like it!

  • Hi stacyalittle, Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see happen with #14 that might help send it more in the direction you're looking for :) Thanks, Kristi
  • This is my favorite submission from you - I like that its very centered around the jars. Could you add a little more detail around it - maybe a border? Something to enclose it and tie it altogether? Also - could you make the very top jar look like it has a dessert in it? It doesn't have to be any one specific dessert that I make - just so it looks like there's something in it. Think warm, homemade, delicious, baked desserts...
  • Hi Stacy, I uploaded #29, in which i cleaned up my earlier version of a mason jar, let me know if there is anything i can fix or change, or perhaps if i should go in another direction. Thanks!
    • While your designs are fantastic (I like the almost "vintage" feeling that they portray) it's just not the direction I was hoping to go. I like more of a rustic look, nothing too modern. I've gotten some other feedback that while the design is unique, it doesn't say "Dessert". I fear that people who are not familiar with the company, will not be able to decipher what Little Delights is, from looking at that design.

    • Thanks so much :) I submitted a few more designs, hopefully more along the lines of what you're looking for.

  • Hello Stacy, I have resubmitted additional logo versions based off my first design in #34, showing one color applications on light and dark backgrounds, as well as full color also. Just to show you the versatility you will have, and how it can print with many color combos and still maintain it's brand. Thanks for taking a look!
    • Thank you! Always helps to have a visual when trying to think these things through. I appreciate that.

  • hi Stacy, i would like to contribute to your logo design contest. i've submit my idea, hope you like it. don't hesitate to give me comment / critique. i would like to hear what your thought. thank you, best regards