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Winning design #44 by lizonil, Logo Design for Little Human Designs Contest
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designed by lizonil

Project description

Little Human Designs is a children's clothing and accessories company. We make mostly boy's vests and bow ties but also girl's accessories, hats, burp cloths and other baby items. I would like something playful and possibly incorporating a bow tie and/or vest into the logo. Maybe a bow tie wrapped around the two t's in the word little? Maybe something related to sewing... needle, thread, pins etc. You can view some of my products here

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  • #3 I love all the elements in this design! Can you make the bow tie softer with rounded edges?
    • Hi CH, thanks for the appreciation of my work! I updated version of logo #9 , according to your wishes.

    • Thank you the softer bow edges are much better!

  • #6 Thank you for your design! Can you adjust to be "little human designs"... you are missing the s at the end.
  • about #25 how do you think???? upgrade from #16 i try to give your request ehehehehe
    • Thank you for the new design. I like the color changes but the bow from #16 is better than the new bows. The new ones look more like a bow for a present and not a bow tie.

    • how about my new entry #41 please comment it...............

    • Thank you but I like the previous ones better. I don't like this font very much or the green color that is used on "little"

  • The plaid on the tie is really great and so is the way it hangs from the two t's. I make more bow ties so I would prefer that in a logo. Also the brown color of the background is a little too sophisticated for me.
    • Thanks for the comment. I've updated logo, please see #23 and #24

    • Both look great! Thank you

  • This one is nice as well. I wonder if designs would look better if it was in a dark grey color instead of black. Can you make the dotted lines hanging from the bow to look like a neckband? So it would be the same color as the bow and a thicker non dotted line.
    • thanks for the comment.... i will try to make it. i hope you like my design...heheh

  • #12 & #13 I think the needle and thread with the vest and bow tie inside is a really great idea! I'm just not sure of the color combos of the words and the vest/bow tie. Can you try one with more playful colors? Maybe a brighter blue and yellow or red? Also this might be me being a little picky... but can you adjust the shape of the vest so it looks more accurate? Can you make the shoulder line slightly slanted, the area for the armhole a little bigger, and the neck opening a little bigger? This picture of my vest might help with the vest shape
    • Tnx for your feedback! Of course I can make adjustments that you want. I'll do it and I'll sent you as soon as possible. All the best!

  • I like what you have done with the bow. I also think I like the colors you have chosen... do you have other color combination ideas as well? Please correct the spelling, it should be designs with an s at the end. Thank you for submitting!
  • I like the two figures is this design and the colors but I'm sorry I do not like the font.
  • It's a cute logo but too cutesy and busy for my tastes.
  • Nice logo but too busy for my needs.
  • I like the new stacked word positioning but I don't think the baby and floating bows are necessary.
  • Hi there... Thanks for your kind feedback, I have put the design on a clean white background. #42 I can make any changes for you. I can make one of the faces as an avatar, move them about, change colours. I did not use your current font but I can try it if you prefer. Kind regards, Liz
    • Thank you for the new design against the white background, it looks much better! And thanks for putting an option against a solid dark background as well. I'm not sure what you mean by making the faces as an avatar... Can you show me an example? I like the font you have but would be interested in seeing one in my current font with the avatar example if you don't mind. Thank you!

    • Hi, that's no problem. I will mock that up now for you. : )

  • I also like the design against the dark background as an option. It makes the logo appear to be glowing.
    • Thank you! Please review #39. I have made it with the latest blue you like and space between little & human. I also have shown an option with black background :)

    • Looks really great!! Thank you very much!

    • I am glad you like it. Again, just feel free to ask for any further changes that you might need. I will work with you to make it exactly how you envision it!

  • This design is one of my favorites! I love the font and colors! The button inside the d is a great idea and the stitching is really nice too. The only thing I'm not completely in love with is the bow. Can you try it just in a solid color? I don't think it needs the pattern inside... Thank you!
    • Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you like it. I can definitely make the tie in one solid color. Is there any particular color you would prefer?

    • The blue you have is nice. Or you can do whatever color you think would look good with the rest of the colors :)

    • Sure! Let me show some options to you right away :)

    • #35 #36 #37 #38 are some options for the solid colors. I have used two warm and two cool colors for better comparison.

    • Wow! Thank you for doing that so fast! I think I like the new blue one the best. I like how the previous designs had a space between "little" and "human".

  • Thank you for submitting this design, it's really great and one of my top choices! I would love to see it on just a plain white background, not textured paper.
  • Dear CH, thank you for rating my entry #30. Feel free to ask for any changes. Please note that colors can be changed as per your liking.
  • Hi there, I created a mockup for you #46. Just want to show you how each element of the logo would look seperately. I want you to note that the bow can also be used as an icon/favicon for any social media/seller websites profile picture. You can also use it as an app face for phones and tablets. Let me know if you wish to see any of this :)
    • Thank you for the latest mockup and for the suggested use of the bow as an icon :) I don't think I need to see an example of that though.

    • Great, just thought of asking :) I just want you to be aware of the flexibility this design offers.

  • Hello CH, please chek my design #40 any feedback will be helpful.
  • Hello there, #43 and #45 are examples of how you could use the little chaps face as an avatar, it fits in a square and you could use it as a profile pic for any social media site, or your etsy site. In #44 I have used your original font in the logo to show you how it will look. You can use the little chappie or the little girl separately in a website etc. as a mascot for example. The beauty of vector files (which all designers will send you with final source files) is that any graphic designer or web designer can take them apart and use all the bits differently. It is very easy to do. : )
    • #44 Looks great. Thank you for the explanations :) I actually know what an avatar is, I just thought maybe there was another meaning or something I was missing hehe. That's a really good idea though to use one of the faces as an avatar/mascot. I'll have to consider that. Thanks!

  • This is a really cute design!! I love what you have done with the little boy :) Some comments... First, the top of the boy's hair makes me think of a hanger and I don't want that associated with your figure. Can you fix his hair so either there's nothing on top of his head or the shape of it is different. Second, can you add some color? Maybe color the bow tie so it stands out more, or the h on his shirt. Or have the writing in a nice solid color. I'm open to your ideas as far as color goes and what to color. And finally, not sure if possible due to the area size... Can the h be a little bigger? I'm concerned that when printed on a clothing label the h won't be visible. Thank you!!