Little League logo for website, Facebook, and All Stars!

We were happy with the final product having it hit all of the branding components that we were looking for. The adjustments to our feedback were quick and moved us closer to our final logo. I would definitely use again for another venture.

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Winning design #50 by jdtrattner, Logo Design for Little League logo for website, Facebook, and All Stars! Contest
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designed by jdtrattner

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our website, Facebook, print media and possibly All Star uniforms. We would like the colors from each teams high schools in the logo (orange, black, white / cobalt blue, brown white). We don't have to have ALL of the colors in the logo but some from each. Because we are at the at the base of the Cascade mountains, one of the logos may have a background with a signature mountain scene from along highway 2 leaving Sultan. We would need to have a logo that could work with only one color (as in white against a colored shirt) as well as others that would need color and also could have more detail. The one of the logos would need to have an SV in it and a larger, more detailed one with Sky Valley. The "Little League" portion of the logo would only need to be on the larger logos and a simple google search can show you how most of the other leagues have encompassed this. That said, we are happy to be different from other Little League logos as well.

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  • #4 and #2 - The colors and font are very changeable ... I am very anxious to get started developing one of these Ideas! Please let me know if any of them catch your eye. Thanks!
  • Greatings from the south sound. I was wondering if I could get better examples of the colors.. the orange looks yellow to me .... I am open to any and all suggestions! :)
  • What is a name of a mountain in this area? Are you looking for one logo or 2? If you could give an example of one you like, this would help.thanks
  • just to show you what it looks like against your brown background, I have checked and it looks equally good against the blue and gold.
  • Hi, thanks for your feedback... I know what you mean about the mountain, I have changed it... lol, it's Mount Rainier, I used to live in Washington and it seemed I could see this mountain from wherever I was! I can change this logo into any of the your team/school colours. Kind regards, Liz
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Hi! I just submitted designs #28 and #29. After uploading my files, I noticed your note about the Gig Harbor logo and the Sultan High School font and color scheme. If you like the style I've submitted, I'll try working these up again and incorporating the additional requested elements.
  • Odd looking mountain with too much detail. See if you can do it without black.
  • Add some brown and let's see what we got.
  • I don't like the faded yellow to orange. We're looking for an orange/brown look with a hint/outline of blue.
  • I'd like to see less black in the logo. See if you can do one exclusively with ORANGE/BROWN/blue
  • the CH states in the project description: "...We would need to have a logo that could work with only one color (as in white against a colored shirt)..." This entry is the same design a way the logo would look on shirt and the close up of the logo, It's only one design, Please double check...
  • This is a version of No.17 but in black and white. With a slight alteration this will work on dark and light coloured shirts. Kind regards, Liz
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Only one design per entry.
  • A revision of #2 and #4 with a different font and color. Should I stick with this submission or improve on #1? This also looks awesome in one color as to put on t shirts and print media. I was going to post them but I was not sure if they would count against submissions. thanks
  • Closest version of the color scheme yet. A bit generic with the picture and fonts. The "big" logo for the websites needs to be more detailed.
  • A cleaner version than #4 with the bat. Bat isn't necessarily needed.
  • Integrate the color scheme and the mountains from Hwy 2...I'm getting this posted shortly.
  • The Sky Valley and SV logos should look like the same font in the Sultan High School logos with our color scheme. I think that Blue/Brown/Orange are the colors that we are leaning towards; however, Blue/Black/Orange may work. The Gig Harbor logo has the distinct/signature bridge in the backdrop and the font in the front. I will see about getting a picture of the mountain that I'm thinking or at least a sketch of it.