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Winning design #104 by Vinayjain, Logo Design for Live futures trading room for members only needs a creative, bold and LOGO Contest
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designed by Vinayjain

Project description

We want an exciting logo that is professional and creative and modern, yet simple...we know a lot to ask! Something bold (and clever if possible) that will make us stand out from the crowd. We must have in our logo some graphic of a stock chart or trading bars or something that instantly says this is a trading website. We want the colors green, black, grey and white and no soft pastels, bold metallic shiny colors and graphics. We are looking for a strong bold modern simple font, nothing like New Times Roman for example...thinking black for the company name and a matching green for the tag line. Open to anything and will give detailed feedback. Look forward to seeing what we get...Thanks!

our tag line is...."Real Time Trades. Consistent Results" and this must be worked into the logo.

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  • we like the VIEW MY TRADES to be all in caps and the tag line in upper case and lower case and all black, if on a white background we are not liking the light pastel greens and blues but more rich and bold colors, blues and greens are fine but more royal or navy blue and more deep greens, any other color options we are open to also, we like the fonts that are more modern and sleek in design numbers 6, 12, 14, 15......we like the graphic style of the logo in design 12 with that clean two tone metallic feel shadow affect in the price bars and the drop shadow underneath and want that in our logo design, so any logo should have that graphic style to it, although we want a logo that says more about trading, leaning to something with price bars from a trading chart or on a chart, we have decided to stay away from money and dollar signs and concentrate more on the trading images
  • Dear Contest Holder I have uploaded two new entries number #13 and #14 I tried to make it simple and elegant. It can easy be seen on a black bagground Thank You. Greetings Christopher K
  • thanks for submissions so far...we want the logo to be with strong text maybe thicker font, not sure, and darker colors not pastels if on a white background and white or lighter colors if something is done on a black or dark background....we don't care if the logo creativity is done dynamically with the text itself or if the text is simple and there is a stand alone bold creative logo next to the text...thanks!
  • please fix the T and S on this design also
  • thanks for the submission, we dont like font, see my top picks for the font and text style we want, we like the computer monitor theme with a stock chart, but at this point we have many solid designs using that theme, can you rework something creative that we have not seen? ...thanks
  • please make the text with MY in green and use the same effect as i mentioned i want as seen in designs 85 and 49...thanks
  • we like your version in 73 so need to keep submitting color variations of that design, we would love to see any new ideas you might have I will keep giving revision requests as long as you want to submit new designs... thanks
  • thanks for the revisions, still need some changes...please sharpen the black outer points of the eye outline on both sides they are little too rounded, please bring back in the blue tone for the eye ball from design 74 but make it more see thru, we like the blue from that design and wanted to maintain it to keep the eye theme strong but just wanted it more see thru than in design 74, the volume bars on the bottom should start on the left about where the current price line starts and end the same distance on the right so in other words there are too many volume bars in this design and not enough in design 86, a happy middle ground distance between the two would be perfect, also the price line is too too choppy, please see the price line in design 90 and have the movement be similar in its gyrations to that and also start it about half way from where it is to the left corner of the eye, just slightly left, make the line go more horizontal in movement but still gradually ending higher and moving up ending say just a tiny bit below where it is on the right in this design so the price line is more noticeable in the eye, please make your text using the two tone metallic effect design I like see designs 85 and 49 for examples, reduce size of tag line, start it at the E in view and end it at the D in trades, and lastly and we have asked this a few times already...please make the grid line in the chart rounded so the eye it self appears to be 3-d or rounded like a normal eye is, I now there is a tool effect button in photoshop where this can easily be done, let me if you do not understand what I am asking....thanks!
  • please correct this one also reduce T size and increase S size
  • please correct this one also reduce T size and increase S size
  • About #86 and #88 Dear CH, thanks for feedback. i have submitted two revised designs as per your suggestions. please see the entry #86 and #88. one design with volume bars in eye ball only and one with volume bars running across the whole bottom of the eye. i have also tried the bulging affect. i hope you like it. Thanks and Regards
  • about #85 changed text as requested,(sorry, still new to this site..)
  • please make the T normal size only the V in view and the S in trades are enlarged, change on 81, 82, 83 thanks...otherwise great work
  • about #83 reworked design with gray arrow according to latest communications
  • about #81 & #82 - submitted design with the requested changes with two different positions, will rework the same design with the gray arrow now
  • thanks for the revision, we like the colors, although we want the view my trades in thick black text, the logo reads more bullseye than stock chart for us please revise
  • we don't like the arrows, too busy around the eye and the eye needs to read more like a stock chart...thanks
  • i just realized the font was different in design #78, I like this font the best for thickness and placement of the half tone, please use this font as you have it for the revision of #79 and lets make the S in trades taller to match the V in view and shrink the M in my to normal size...note again it is trades and traders in the tag line and also please make the top of the letter dark so the two tone which we love does not get too weak at the top of the letters, the two tone affect in design #49 does what I am talking about...thanks
  • it is "trades" not "traders" also...thanks
  • ...and dodnd't go too low with the half tone in the text, maybe half way down the letter would be good