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Winning design #200 by Borjazz, Logo Design for Living Now studio Contest
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designed by Borjazz

Project description

Living Now studio. We are an architect and interior design studio based in st.petersburg, russia. Most of our clients are HoReCa but we also work on private spaces and product design (furniture and lighting). Our philosophy is based on a tip that every moment  is presious and deserves to be remembered. So we try to create our architect decisions and interior designs to make a feeling of being totally included into a scenario. Being here. Being here and now. Living now. 
 We are young dynamic and ambitious company.  
We want our logo to be modern and simple. but still positive and joyfull. No arrogance no glam but simplicity and quality.
@living_now_studio in instagram

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    Hopefully you like this version with modern and living colour.
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    Please check. Hopefully you like this logo. #377
    This shows how the logo #378 looks in use.

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    Please check this version with the word "Studio"
    Hopefully you will like it.

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    Please check this version with the word "Studio" #374
    Hopefully you will like it.

    this shows how my submission #375 (in white) will look in use

    if you want any changes please just let me know.


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    Hi sir feel welcome to suggest any changes .

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  • The letter 'O' of Now is a clock to represent the time.Feedback please for any alteration. #317
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